Shame on you!

It’s quite simple: stop using our newspapers for anything else but reading! So, those of you that are grabbing our papers to cut up and make paper mache models, art projects, floats or anything else that doesn’t involve reading, please respect your campus paper and STOP. The Griffon News caught wind that numerous students were stealing (yes stealing) our newspapers from buildings and using them for their Homecoming floats. We also saw that every single newspaper that was placed in the Potter Hall stand was gone. So not only did these culprits take our newspapers, they took every single copy in the building so that the theatre, art and music department didn't have any newspapers for the entire weekend, until we realized the theft on Monday. We even saw on Facebook that some intelligent individual posted a comment that said “…bring newspapers for the float. All newspapers are located in every building.” Really? How rude can you be? The worst part about this was that out of all issues to take, people took the issue covering both the Convocation and "J.B." play page. The theft was the exact day of the Convocation and the opening night for J.B. Not only did J.B. open that Thursday, it went all weekend -- however, there weren't any newspapers the entire weekend, so people attending the play couldn't read about the preview nor the actors featured. Numerous film students and professors were upset with us because they wanted to see their department’s play page; they saw nothing but an empty bin. When people don’t see our newspapers, it makes us look like we didn’t do our jobs -- even though we did do our jobs. We put over 50 issues in each newspaper bin to create enjoyable pieces of work for the whole campus to observe, yet whoever that stole our papers degraded our hard earned work. What good is our Convocation story if it's slapped and glued on a piece of painted cardboard for some float that will be used once and then thrown in the trash? What's even worse is that the parade was rained out, so the floats weren't even used once. You have no idea of what goes into producing a newspaper. Our staff works constantly every single week to produce something our students can refer to and read to know important information about our campus. We do everything ourselves, as students. We find our sources, interview each source, write all the stories, design our pages and send these pages to a printing press. Then we deliver these papers all around campus as well as hand them out one by one at campus events. The process is exhausting, but we endure it for the love we have for our campus. However, by taking our newspapers and using them for your own personal gain, you are not only disrespecting the Griffon News staff, but the campus as well. It’s like a slap in the face. What you're basically saying to us is that we are not important, and you don’t care about campus events, changes in school budget, sports previews and student organizations. And if you really don’t care, then shame on you!

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