SGA and Student Rush Ticket Program

One hundred students were given free tickets to see "J.B." Oct. 4-7 due to the Student Government Association funding the Student Rush Ticket Program. During the SGA meeting on Sept. 24 the Senate passed a notice of action to fund the Student Rush Ticket Program. The program, which is in its second year, provides tickets for the first 25 students per-performance at no cost. For the first main stage play of the season, "J.B.," all 25 tickets were used for each of the four shows. Although the program was supported by the majority of SGA, Senators Travis Hart and Sterling Fichter opposed the program; however, both senators approved a measure to give SGA $3,500 for tailgating at football games. “I felt that the Student Rush Ticket proposal was not a good idea for the Student Government Association to somewhat subsidize these tickets for students,” Hart said. “I felt that the $3,450 for the proposal is far too much money for Student Senate to allocate for these tickets.” Fichter also said that the program should not be funded by SGA because the senate needed to “curtail lots of big spending measures.” Tee Quillin, professor of theater and cinema, said that many other colleges have a Student Rush Ticket Program and the student government has always been a part of funding ticket programs for students. “It could be taken as a subsidy but I think that’s actually missing the larger point which is that we attempt to go to other areas on campus and administration and other places like that to receive funding,” Quillin said. While Quillin helped create the Student Rush Ticket proposal, he understands the concern Hart and Fichter have with funding the program. “I agree that the SGA shouldn’t be subsidizing the theater program but my caveat to that is 25 student-priced tickets per-production is does not even remotely come close to paying for a production,” Quillin said. “So it’s not even coming close to paying for all of the production, but it does impact the bottom line when we don’t have that income.” During the SGA meeting, Sen. Mary Beth Rosenauer spoke out in favor of the ticket program. “We don’t pay to get into football games and to theater people this is their football game,” Rosenauer said. “So you have to look at it from a student standpoint not just a theater people standpoint.” Student Gov. Brain Shewell, also supports the Student Rush Ticket Program because of the positive response from the student body. “I see students at every theater production,” Shewell said. “I have yet to go to one that they don’t show up. That’s because a lot of them may be for class requirements, but other ones are because they support their fellow students and that’s what we’re in the business to do as SGA is support our fellow students.”

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