Rockin’ bras to support a good cause

[caption id="attachment_12665" align="alignnone" width="300"] Every week the boys of the BSU will be sporting bras around campus.[/caption] “Boobs, boobs, boobs! I love boobies! Save the boobies!” Though these sayings might be mistaken for awful lyrics of a horrible rap song, they all are actual slogans that numerous men have come up with to educate about breast cancer. For Missouri Western, our men of the Black Student Union have added “Boys In Bras” to the list of common “pro-breast” slogans, and the booby slogan is definitely living up to its name. Throughout every Wednesday and many other days during the month of October, the men of BSU will be sporting bras everywhere: at their meetings, during class, at the food court and even at events. BSU President Louis Erby said it’s the “wow” factor that they get from students, which makes it all worthwhile. “A lot of the things that BSU does is just us sitting around just talking, being silly and throwing around random ideas,” Erby said. “We like to go for the shock factor, too, ‘Like whoa, what are they doing’ and make people more interested and asking why. It was a random idea.” Not only did BSU succeed in numerous people asking questions since the breast cancer awareness campaign started last fall, but the organization has also received interests from many other organizations, including Western Activities Council, who will be hosting an event with BSU on Oct. 23, where all of WAC males will be joining the men in BSU in wearing their bust holders. “The first day we knew it was going to be something that was going to be annual,” Erby said about the response the organization received last year from the campus. “We had to keep doing it. The response the first day was ridiculous. It’s only going to only get bigger and bigger." Erby also revealed that this campaign hits very close to home for him, which was why he was very adamant in continuing the campaign. “One of my aunts had passed a few years ago, "so this hits here for me,” Erby said while pointing to his heart right above his black, satin underwire brassiere. Before her passing, Erby’s family spent a lot of time going to many breast cancer awareness events such as walks and other fundraisers. Due to his knowledge of breast cancer, he found a foundation that he was very interested in; The Susan G. Komen for the Cure Foundation, a program started by a young woman who promised her dying sister that she would do everything in her power to end breast cancer forever. As numerous campaigns and organizations are developing to further breast cancer education, BSU hopes to educate as many people on campus as possible about the disease. “Just walking around campus you see nothing about breast cancer awareness,” Tobias Pointer, BSU vice president said. “I don’t think Missouri Western does enough. The point of an organization is to put on great programs. I would like to see [other campuses and organizations] jump on board because it’s a great cause.” BSU committee chair of community service Chiquita Keebler feels that there are many things about breast cancer that students don’t know about, which is why they may not feel that the disease could effect them directly. “I feel like a lot of people don’t know that men can get it,” Keebler said. “They are perfectly aware that women can. It needs to be more known that men can get it. People need to be more educated on it." Keebler feels that this way is definitely a good way to educate people since it is something people have never seen before. “The fact that you see men walking around with bras on and the reaction they are getting around campus brings more attention to it,” Keebler said. “Even with me being a part of the organization, when I first saw them in the bras I was like ‘Why do you have a bra like that for?’. I know other people on campus are reacting the same way.” During the month of October, students can give money to BSU in honor of breast cancer awareness, as all proceeds will go to The Susan G. Komen for the Cure Foundation.  For more information about the foundation visit

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