Rawlings is coming to town

[caption id="attachment_12638" align="alignnone" width="300"] Rawlings headed to Missouri Westerns campus for Homecoming 2012[/caption] Walking through the doors to the Looney Complex Gymnasium of MWSU at 8 p.m. on Thursday Oct. 11 will be none other than comedian Donnell Rawlings. This show is brought to you by the SGA and WAC which is free to students with student ID and $10 for the public. Jacob Scott, president of SGA said that a quality comedian coming to Western is something they have been doing homecoming for several years now. “It’s a great opportunity for us to celebrate Western and their homecoming,” Scott said. “It gives students an opportunity to do something on a Thursday night and it’s a lot of fun to go out and listen to a comedian. Typically the comedian’s really get involved with the crowd. If you love comedy then come out and support.” Most people know of Rawlings from his days on the Chappelle Show where he played Ashy Larry and later hosted. On that show his frank, to the point and hard-truth vulgarities increased his popularity. However, some may not know that he was in the U.S. Air Force before that, stationed in South Korea, where he adopted a portion of the language. Rawlings has also appeared as a guest star in Spiderman two and on “The Wire” as Damien Lavelle Price a.k.a. “Day Day.” Rawlings is not the standard type comedian. According to several websites, Rawlings was removed / fired from a morning radio show on New York’s Power 105 back in 2007. Rawlings told a joke about a “cheap Jewish black guy” around the same time as the Don Imus controversy on “nappy-headed hos.” Imus was referring to the women members of the Rutgers basketball team. The little mishap at Power 105 hasn’t seemed to dampen Rawlings’ success in the least. Rawlings released a stand-up special DVD in 2010 called “From Ashy to Classy.” He has also had several other T.V. appearances, two of which recently are MTV 2’s, Hollywood Squares and Guy Code. As mentioned, his comedy can be seen as a bit crude, racial or vulgar. This is exactly why the show at Western on Thursday comes with a parental advisory. “Kids can attend with parental supervision. The cost is still the same price as an adult ticket. It’s strongly advised only for adults only though,” Scott said. Some may worry that the material he uses might be a bit much for Western. Others are taking a more enthusiastic adult-like approach on what could be sensitive topics. “You have to expect that going into a comedy show,” sociology and athletic coaching major, Ben Jackson said. “Stand-up comics, that’s what they are known for. It can get a little rough at times but, that’s all part of their jokes. It’s all comedy in the end.” As an added bonus, kicking off the show at 6 p.m. is an extra little treat called the “WAC Laugh Floor” that people are encouraged to attend. “I hope everyone comes out because it’s going to be a really good time,” Tony Dougherty, vice chair of WAC said, “Come to the show at 6 p.m. and support your fellow student’s in the ‘Laugh Floor’. The show before will be different organizations putting on short comedy skits. It will be really cool.” Dougherty said these skits should get people in the right frame of mind and prepared for the laughs Rawlings will bring.

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