Pickens focuses on lack of leadership on energy policy

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A power outage hit Westerns campus leaving students, faculty, and guests in the dark as T. Boone Pickens, American business magnate and financier was about to close the convocation.

The Convocation began with Pickens saying he now had confidence in the energy industry becoming a powerful enterprise in the United States. His main concern was the disappointing leadership from the government in Washington. He said President Barack Obama has not kept his promise on energy, and if reelected, in 10 years we won’t have export oil.

“We are the only country in the world without an energy policy, the only country,” Pickens said.

He spoke on the lack of leadership from Obama and how we keep spending money and expect a different result, only to realize that nothing happens. Pickens said that the United States uses more oil than any other country in the world.

“You need to understand the resources that we have here at home,” Pickens said.

He continued to discuss how the United States doesn’t need oil from the Persian Gulf when you have oil here at home, in Alaska and other states. The war is an issue that Pickens doesn’t understand and continues to question why we are still fighting and trying to restore democracy to those countries we are at war with.

“Get the hell out of there,” Pickens said. “Come home and leave the Taliban alone.”

During the press conference Pickens said in his past 50 years in the business that he has had at least 6 conversations with different Presidents. He said that they don’t understand the industry, except for Mitt Romney; republican presidential candidate. Romney has a plan, and Pickens approves.

“He has one written up, which is something I’ve never seen before,” Pickens said. “I have read it, its 21 pages and I support it.”

Pickens was asked how much closer Romney’s plan would get us to becoming more energy independent than Obama, and he said that Romney was on target to do just that.  He said Romney is operating under better circumstances than the last four presidents and they should complement the oil and gas industry.

“They created jobs, they pay taxes, and have developed better technology than any other country has,” Pickens said.

Politics seems to play a major role in Pickens life, and when asked whether or not he was hated for being rich or an oil man such as Mitt Romney for Bain Capital, he said the only people who hate him, are the people who don’t know him. He didn’t know of any jobs that Romney had sent overseas, and has yet to see any evidence of such.



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