Looking back on Homecoming

[caption id="attachment_12905" align="alignnone" width="300"] As homecoming comes to an end the bonfire behind Baker fitness center falls as the celebrations end for 2012.[/caption] There are scattered rumors, people are saying Homecoming was a flop. Their feelings may be eased by turning to the lyrics of "Ignition" by R. Kelly, “After the show, it’s the after party.” “I wouldn’t say that Homecoming was necessarily a flop. There were things thrown at us that aren’t normally there, so we had to change a few things up a bit for the events, parade, pep rally, and the game,” Homecoming Co-Chair Stegall said. Regardless of the fact that Missouri Western didn’t win the big game on Saturday, the show must go on. On Thursday, Oct. 11, there was a banquet held in honor of former alumni of Western. “Historically, former alumni are exactly what Homecoming is all about,” student Micah White said. “Homecoming is about welcoming back alumni of the school.” All during Homecoming week, several different student organizations had a friendly game of challenges set up for each other. Each organization, after winning a contest, was awarded a certain amount of points, ultimately leading to a clear cut winning organization at the end of Homecoming week. Thursday at 6 p.m., student organizations put on comical skits before the event called “The Laugh Floor,” which took place in the gym of the Looney Complex. Phi Sigma Kappa took the gold in that event. Directly following the skits, comedian Donnell Rawlings of "Chappelle's Show" made an appearance to deliver a plethora of laughs to students. Rawlings did what most comedians do by spending a portion of the show making fun of or picking on people in the audience. “He extended well beyond the first row, by even making fun of the driver of his golf cart,” Student Government Association President Jacob Scott said. “It was a lot of fun to just have that kind of environment, where everybody was cool with it." On Friday Oct. 12, Homecoming continued with “Griff-Tazmic.” This was a pep-rally, a barbeque and bonfire all rolled into one. “We were kind of uncertain if we were going to be able to do Griff-Tazmic with the rain,” Scott said. “However, everybody was able to participate that wanted to participate. The pep-rally is where the king and queen of Homecoming was announced.” Mike Hill was crowned Homecoming King. Hill was nominated by Alpha Sigma Alpha. The crown for Homecoming Queen was given to Lauren Upton, SGA vice president. Upton was nominated by Phi Delta Theta. During Griff-Tazmic, student organizations continued their friendly rivalry with a dance competition, a castle building with canned foods, and a few other events. “Throughout the week we had a canned food drive for second harvest,” Stegall said. “So we threw together an activity to do something with all the cans we had acquired. Everybody built Cinderella’s castle.” The winner of the Can Castle event was a team of two organizations, Sigma Sigma Sigma and Tau Kappa Epsilon. At the end of the night there was a bonfire where the rival football team’s mascot met an unfortunate end. “We got a lion this year and burned him, Scott said. "We didn’t swing at it, we just went straight for the kill and torched it ourselves. Man, that fire burned pretty good.” Unfortunately, the parade on Saturday, Oct. 13, was cancelled due to rain. The floats were still judged however, with the winning points being awarded to Alpha Sigma Alpha. “It was a float of 'Alice in Wonderland,'” Amber Rivera, president of Alpha Sigma Alpha, said. “It had Alice in a house with her arms and legs exploding out.” According to Rivera, this float had all the characters from the original "Alice in Wonderland," from Tweedledee and Tweedledum to the Cheshire Cat and the worm. Ultimately, out of all the Homecoming events, Alpha Sigma Alpha came out on top by being awarded the most points out of the week. “We did get first place in overall events. We are very excited,” Rivera said. “On wednesday night there is a banquet where they will give us a trophy. Then each individual event gets a first, second and third certificate that way everybody gets something.” The trophy Alpha Sigma Alpha receives will be on display in their trophy case in Blum Union right by the cafeteria. Later on Saturday at 1:30 p.m., the football game started and then finished in a gloomy rain and defeat. Around 4 p.m., there was a ribbon cutting for the new Greek Village. “I’m proud that we have Greek housing and that we have something new going on here that will hopefully lead to a new tradition,” Stegall said. As for the continuation of Homecoming, Scott wants Homecoming to keep improving. “We need to continue to work to ensure that homecoming thrives on campus,” Scott said. “Not just students, but faculty, staff and administration need to recognize the importance of homecoming and how it is imperative that in order to improve student life on campus. We need to boost traditions like this.” Some people couldn’t agree more with this statement, like the president of the Western Activities Council. “It creates a sense of community for our school,” Lauren Dillon said. “It brings us all together so we can be proud to be a Griffon.”

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