Keeping alcohol policy under lock and key

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Alcohol plus students doesn’t equal irresponsible adults.

The Board of Governors at Missouri Western approved a policy that would allow alcohol in every building on campus except the parking lots and residence halls.  This decision was made solely for the purpose of aiding Western in attracting companies to invest in the university.

The idea of bringing investors to Western is a good idea, but the Board went about it the wrong way. Western has allowed alcohol for four and a half years on campus in certain locations. Dr. Robert Vartabedian even said during an interview that in the years since it’s been allowed there has not been a single incident.

This leads one to believe they could trust the students who are of drinking age. Underage drinking is wrong and illegal, and we are not asking for the whole student body to be allowed to drink.

Central Missouri is just one of the campuses that does allow alcohol. UCM allows the possession and consumption of alcoholic beverages in permitted university housing. Laws are enforced and the host of house parties in the halls are held legally liable for any underage drinking or damages.

If Western would follow the same path as UCM; then the wrath of disagreement amongst student and administration would end. Griffon Hall was intended to be a 21 and up dormitory as well as for those students who have 60 credits are allowed to live in the apartment-style suite.  This is just one of the buildings where alcohol should be allowed.

Dr. Jeanne Daffron, provost and vice president for Academic Affairs, said that alcohol is controlled and not for students. She said that there would not be any keg parties. As students we believe her remarks sound as though she believes we are all party animals.

The University should put some trust in its students who make this place a welcome and inviting campus in which new students would want to be a part of. The idea of parents not allowing their child to come to a wet campus is asinine, considering UCM is doing very well.

When Western doesn’t put trust in its students, they will find other alternatives. Those who are 21 and up will go to the bars and drink. They are allowed that right, but if the university would like their students to stay safe, this policy would keep these students alive by keeping them from drinking and driving. Alcohol consumption should be allowed in age appropriate halls.

It’s one thing to make it legal for a select few, but why not make it legal for students who are of drinking age?

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