Lauren Upton named Homecoming Queen

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Michael Hill (left) and Lauren Upton (right) shown here as being crowned this years homecoming King and Queen.

Most people only imagine winning a title such as Homecoming Queen, but not Missouri Western student Lauren Upton; she has campaigned and won the title twice in her lifetime.

Upton was crowned the first time as a senior in high school in her tiny hometown of Dawn, Mo. Upton graduated in a class of 18 in 2010.

In high school, Upton only had to beat a couple of other females to win the title. In 2012, however, she not only had to beat out four other well-deserving candidates, she had to go through the nomination process — or in other words, be selected by an organization on campus with roughly 6,000 students.

She succeeded. Upton is the third student from Livingston County who has been nominated, and she was crowned for the second time in her life at Western on Friday, Oct. 12, at the Griff-Tazmic Pep-Rally.

“I was surprised, and very excited, I didn’t realize how many people knew who I was,” Upton said. “It is such an honor to have been named Homecoming Queen. Coming here from such a small town, I would never have thought I’d have this opportunity, “ Upton said. “I only knew one kid at Missouri Western when I arrived in 2010, and he was from my high school in Livingston County.”

The Phi Delta Theta fraternity nominated Upton for the Queen’s court. Junior and Phi Delta Theta member Josh Yakovitz put her name up for nomination. Yakovitz knew that Upton is active in many college activities, very well liked and  he felt that she would be good at representing Western as Homecoming Queen.

“Only one guy out of 25 voted against her,” Yakovitz said.

Upton, a senior after just three years in college, is a elementary education major and hopes to teach fourth through sixth grades after she graduates in December 2013. Upton has been previously and is currently involved in many Western activities, and she is currently the vice president for the Student Government Association.

Upton also has been involved as a Griffon Edge Leader, she is a former Western V.I.P. and a highly involved member of the sorority, Alpha Sigma Alpha.

Upton was one of four candidates representing the Alpha Sigma Alpha Sorority. The Alpha Sigma Alphas were all for keeping the entire sorority family on the Homecoming court this year. Upton was in competition with her sorority “Mother” Lauren Prywitch.

Upton was joined on the Homecoming Court by fellow sorority sisters, and fellow Queen prospects, Elizabeth Hunter, Lauren Prywitch, and Morgan Lindgren.

Upton’s sorority “twin sister” Jessica Weaver, was a co-chair for the sorority for homecoming festivities. Upton’s sorority “daughter,” Allison Lyle was the other co-chair for Alpha Sigma Alpha.

“There was a whole mother, daughter, sister, twin relationship involved in Homecoming for our sorority this year,” Weaver said.

The specific jobs of co-chairs, Weaver and Lyle, were organization, float design, financial budgeting, homecoming posters, and the presentation and organization of nomination voting for their sorority.

Weaver was glad Phi Delta Theta had nominated Upton, as another sorority sister Morgan Lundgren, a senior, had won the nomination for Alpha Sigma Alpha. Senior Michael Hill (2012 Homecoming King) was the other nomination winner for their sorority.

“I had an idea Upton would win, she is very well liked, popular, and highly involved in several Western activities, including SGA and our sorority,” Weaver said.

Overall, Upton is thankful for being crowned yet again.

“It’s such a rewarding feeling knowing I have been chosen by my fellow Griffons to represent them as both vice Ppesident for the SGA and as Homecoming Queen,” Upton said. “Since [Oct. 12] , I have just randomly cried happy tears. I can’t believe this is real life. God has blessed me with more than I could ever ask for.”

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