Editorial: SGA wake up and take responsibility

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Over $333, 000 has already been collected with no oversight as mandated by the Student Success Act.

The Student Government Association put in place a Student Fee Advisory Committee, which is supposed to oversee the student support service fees (student fees). The reason this issue has been brought to attention is the fact that the committee has yet to be formed since the Student Success Act was created last spring.

The committee is a beneficial tool considering that it is consumed of six members; three student leaders, and three others from the administration. These members oversee the appropriations of the fees to the programs they plan to help fund.

They focused primarily on five areas which deal directly with students on a daily basis. They include Recreation Services, Center for Academic Support, Student Success Center, Student Life and Career Services, which are all critical areas in need of a proficient budget.

President of SGA Jacob Scott said the reason why it wasn’t formed was due to the resignation of Vice President of Financial Planning and Administration Mel Klinker. The vice president is the administration advisor to the committee and that title has not yet been filled.

The only exception is that President Dr. Robert Vartabedian had named Richard Gilmore interim vice president for financial planning and administration, effective on July 1, 2012. This leads us to question why the committee has yet to be formed since someone was available in the position to oversee the committee.

The committee is crucial considering the act has been in place since last spring. The passage of the act by the Student Senate showed leadership at the time when Missouri Western was in need of budgetary help. However, since the passage of the act, the executive branch and Senate of SGA have done nothing to form the committee.

This large budget is floating around somewhere with no management taking place by the student government. SGA first went around the students and voted not only to increase the student fees by $75, but to form this committee. There has been no action taken this school year as to the handling of the money that the students paid extra for to help keep the programs afloat.

The handling of this sensitive issue has not been taken seriously. The SGA needs to wake up and take notice of this matter.

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