Drake, Wiz Khalifa opener to host Blacklight Party

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“Living At Maximum Elevation” will be on campus this Friday, Nov. 2 at 11:00pm in Blum Union. They will be promoting their new album.

This year’s annual Blacklight Party will glow just a little more. Though the room will be filled with the usual black lights and neon glow sticks, stars will also be shining throughout the place. These stars are not any hum-drum astronomical spheres, but are actual stars — as in celebrities — that have opened for some big artists including Drake, Trey Songz, Wale and Wiz Khalifa. These celebs are none other then the hip-hop, pop group L.A.M.E.

On Friday, Nov. 2, L.A.M.E., which stands for Living Above Maximum Elevation, will be on campus in Blum Union promoting their album at 11 a.m. They will play their music for a few hours and host a mini pre-party before the real boogie down starts later in the evening. The members of the duo, Mr. Moe and M. Taylor, are very excited to take the Western stage.

“We believe in having a lot of fun,” Mr. Moe said. “That’s why we make good party music. It’s all about the dance floor and telling a true story, never degrading and never profanity words or anything like that.”

Vice President of Western Activities Council Lauren Dillon said getting L.A.M.E. to come to Western was actually not her idea as she was first approached by L.A.M.E.’s public relations liaison, friend and Western student Bryan Miller who noticed that L.A.M.E.’s tour made a stop to St. Louis, so a pit stop to Western was a definite possibility.

“We definitely lucked out in getting them,” Dillon said. “They put on great performances. In the Midwest, they haven’t really reached here yet, but I think with them being here it won’t be long until we are listening to their stuff on a regular basis.”

Miller said that the group’s message of living life at an elevated level is something every student can relate to.

“Their message and who they are as a group is very positive,” Miller said. “That’s what living above maximum elevation is. It’s living at your best potential, bettering yourself because once you’re a better person you can be a better fit in society.”

In addition to L.A.M.E. promoting in Blum during the day, the group will also be talking to a music class in the afternoon and will hold a formal Q-and-A about what it takes to be in the industry. Dillon really appreciated the group’s effort in getting more personal with Western rather then just performing at a party, which was something the group decided all on their own.

“We’ve never done it before,” Dillon said. “It’s a great opportunity for people to hear the music before they come to the party.”

Mr. Moe and M. Taylor will also bring solo artist Billy Ray to Western to introduce him to the Midwest as well. Ray is featured in a few of their tracks and is our currently touring with them. The men hope that by promoting themselves before the party they will show Western a little about what they are about.

“All of us are recent graduates and we know how it is to try to connect with a lot college students,” M. Taylor said. “Most of our fan base is young adults. That’s why we know it’s important to show people that we are more then artists, we have personalities too just like them.”

The Blacklight Party starts at 10 p.m. and will be held in Blum 218. The party will kick off with DJ Sound Ninja spinning until 11 p.m. followed by performances by L.A.M.E. and Louisiana native Billy Ray until midnight. Then DJ Sound Ninja will be back on from midnight-2 a.m. Free white shirts, glow sticks and body paint will also be given away.

“Everybody should be at the Blacklight Party so we can show you guys how to party. Or you can show us how to party,” Mr. Moe said.

To find out more information about L.A.M.E., visit their website at weneedmorelame.com or follow the men on Twitter: Mr. Moe @mrmoemusic and M. Taylor @MTaylorRAPS. Billy Ray can also be followed @ItsBillyRay.

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