Campus Voice: Do you think Missouri Western should have a fall break?

  • Ali Howat, Freshman
“Yes, to have time to study for midterms last week.”
  • Summer Dunn, Sophomore
“Yes, so we have a break and don’t stress out.”
  • Parker Joslen, Freshman
“Yes, because most Universities do.”
  • Marisa Grayson, Freshman
“Yes, it’s easier to focus after a small stress relieving break.”

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  1. Have you done your research before asking this question? We used to have a fall break. Our fall break was one friday off so that we had a three day weekend. This weekend normally fell in October… Sometimes even during the week of homecoming, which lessened attendance at the pep rally and game…. The president of the university changed this and gave us the full week of Thanksgiving off. Instead of the full week… we’d go to classes through Tuesday… I’d way rather get the full week off for Thanksgiving than some 3-day weekend… We also gained extra days off because of this change

    1. Yes, Dan I have looked back at the years where we have had fall breaks. However, I do understand the change in the schedule for the last few years. The question was asked if students would like to see a full week fall break like other universities throughout the state. I would like to thank you for the comment.


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