Banning tobacco to allow alcohol hypocrisy at its finest

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Having always been one to avoid politics and drama at every turn the recent news about the tobacco and alcohol policies have me concerned. It would appear to the average student that the School is purposely catering to outside sources while cracking down on the students who live here.

For instance the smoking ban is not only a carpet ban on every place on campus but makes no “safe environment” for smokers themselves. The University is “supposed” to provide a less than hostile environment for learning. How can a smoking student learn when they are stressed from withdrawals and busy hating the school for it? It scatters the focus of the student and therefore inhibits learning, which last time I checked was NOT the mission statement of any upstanding university.

Now the lifting of the alcohol ban is laughable but is also a cause of great agitation to on-campus residents. The ban being lifted in every academic building and yet the residence halls are to remain dry? It’s complete crap. Having been to a few events here that were well catered by our on-campus food service I was shocked to see alcohol being served in Fulkerson Center to alumni. It was and still is my belief at this time that allowing any alcohol on campus for any reason and not allowing the students to partake is hypocrisy. I know at some point in life the vision of fairness that is pursued by every individual is shattered due to some reason or another but extending a beer to an alumni while telling a student over the age of 21 no is a major double standard. I think the School senate and faculty have forgotten that WE THE STUDENTS are the reason that; they are employed, the school exists, they enjoy their position of power, and the reason that alumni are created in the first place. Without WE THE STUDENTS the Faculty would be unemployed and/or seeking employment, the school would be closed, and what would a Missouri Western alumni be?.

In Closing I would like to take the time to remind the faculty senate and the school board that trying to ban tobacco to control the behavior of students while promoting alcohol to alumni can and may very well get messy once people see the double standard


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