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Students were offered a $50 award from the Griffon Arts Alliance to create the best-decorated bra using their skills in art and design.

The bras are on display in Blum Student Union until Oct. 26, and students are encouraged see the bras and vote for their favorite.

“I wish we could have started this going a week ago,” Griffon Arts Alliance Member, Rosie Lommoglia said. “I hope a lot of people get involved in voting.”

Lommoglia said she got the idea from her commute from Lawrence, Kansas where they have an event called Bras Across the Kaw. She had been thinking of bras across campus for three years until she came up with this idea to get the art department involved with the help of her friend EFLJ Instructor Dana Andrews.

“If we are all connected, and I believe we are, then we are also connected to all the women who have suffered from this disease, their families and their friends,” Andrews said. “They are our mothers, our sisters, our wives, our friends.”

Lommoglia spoke of the project as if it could be an annual event, but Andrews isn’t sure, “October is a busy month—midterms, homecoming, etc.—so it’s difficult to find the time to create outside of class.”

The artists have had no trouble being creative making these entries. There are eleven entries which include materials such as, plastic army men, satin fabric, rhinestones, paint, typeface, feathers, lace, lights, giant spider, antique jewelry, plastic frogs, glitter, candles and just about anything an artist could imagine.

The $50 prize is a joint fund from Lommoglia and Andrews who have started “The Love Project.” You may remember them from the Griffon Edge day where they passed out T-shirts with the word LOVE on them. Students received a T-shirt when they signed a pledge and promised to consciously try to be kinder and more compassionate to one another, treating everyone with respect.

“Rosie was the one who came up with the name “The Love Project,” Andrews said. “The two of us have come together to see what we can do with it.”

“‘The Love Project’ and the ‘Art Bras for the Cause’ are a perfect fit,” Andrews said. Lommoglia and Andrews may be on to something. The ideas were well received at the Griffon Edge according to Lommoglia and Andrews. They encourage students to get involved with the future projects sponsored by Griffon Art Alliance and “The Love Project.”

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