All ‘Hill’ the king

“Mike Hill” was the last name he expected to hear the night of the "Griff-Tazmic" Pep-Rally during Homecoming week. On Oct. 12 at 7:30 p.m., Weston Baker stepped down as the previous Homecoming King to allow Hill to take over. “At first I was shocked that I got picked,” the senior said. “I was expecting one of the other guys to win. No joke.” Hill is not only a powerhouse running back on the football team who is the career leader of rushing yards and carries at Western, he is involved with the Student-Athlete Advisory Committee as well. For this organization, he has helped with “Night Out on the Griffs,” which is a night dedicated to playing with kids of all ages whether it be hoola-hooping or throwing a football; and “Griffs Giving Gifts,” in which student-athletes collect donations, buy and deliver presents and meals to families that are less fortunate for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Hill was also a resident assistant for Logan Hall his junior year and while not deemed a Phi Epsilon Kappa, he still attended several meetings in the past. Besides Hill’s work at the school, on the field and within the community, Alpha Sigma Alpha Homecoming Chair Allison Lile saw something else in Hill and knew she had to snatch him up before anybody else did. “Mike was definitely my first choice,” the senior said with excitement. “He is so well-known on campus and throughout the community, and there are so many positive qualities about him. Mike is one of the most genuine people I have ever met and he is extremely down-to-earth. He is such a deserving, hardworking person and I couldn't have found a more appropriate candidate to represent Alpha Sigma Alpha.” Lile and Hill attended both middle and high school together, and they have been really good friends ever since. “We had classes together and he was definitely the guy that could make everyone laugh,” Lile said. “He even had the nickname 'Smiley' that fit his personality extremely well.” After Lile immediately called Hill to ask for his nomination, Hill accepted. “Homecoming to me means a lot just because the school, alum, family and friends come together and have a great week and weekend,” Hill said. “As a football player, it’s nice to have a lot of support from our fans and family.” One of the requirements of the Homecoming court is to attend every single Homecoming event, which Hill said was one of his favorite parts about the week. Lile said she couldn't be more proud of Hill and everything he has accomplished; she believes he and her sorority mom Lauren Upton are very deserving of the titles. "To hear their names called over the speakers brought me to tears,” Lile said. “The looks on their faces were priceless [when they were announced]! I couldn't have been happier with the two that were chosen as the winners.”

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