Two SGA senators resign, approve rally towel purchase

The Student Government Association was called to order for the first time this semester on August 27. While the senate was in session, some seats remained vacant. After two Senate resignations, Clifford Petersen and Matthew Hunt, there are eight seats to fill in SGA. President Jacob Scott hopes to have the positions filled in time for the SGA Retreat in October. The date for the retreat has not been set. “Anyone interested could potentially become a senator. I would encourage freshmen to apply so they will have four years of experience as a senator,” Scott said. SGA Administrative Coordinator Kathy Kelly also encourages students to become involved in the student government process. “If you want to make a difference and be a good steward of your SGA fees, have a voice,” Kelly said. SGA Vice Chair Lauren Upton strove to make students feel that student government officials care about issues that concern the student body. “Jacob and I are really wanting SGA to be more transparent than it may have been in the past, to where students feel like they can definitely come in and talk to us about any problems that they are having. We just want them to know that they are important to us and we’re going to listen to any problems they have,” Upton said. Scott agrees as he said, “The best way students can make sure their voice is heard is just to come to the meetings and be a part of the process -- so if you want a good government you have to be a good citizen and get involved.” Senator resignations were not the only issue that SGA covered. While in session the senate approved the purchase of 3,000 rally towels that were to be distributed during the football home opener. Upton is looking forward to students using the towels and hopes they will raise school spirit. While Upton wanted to boost school spirit on campus, Scott foresees the rally towels becoming a tradition at home games. “The rally towels were something we did last year and we received an overwhelming response that was positive. This was a tradition that we could start together and the towels are a great way to get people involved and get them excited about the game,” Scott said. Along with the rally towel approval, SGA also approved their yearly bylaws and confirmed Tony Dougherty as the new vice chair of the Western Activities Council. Senate meetings are held biweekly on Monday at 6:00 p.m. in Blum 220.

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