Ungrateful student workers should shut up

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If you have noticed around campus, the posters hanging up that state, “Warning, you have entered a student worker rights-free zone!” you should probably just turn the other way.

Amber Nold, former SGA senator and student worker is just one of the students behind this plot. In an email between a Griffon News staff member and Nold, we asked for the names of those participating, and what the purpose behind this underground group was. She would not give the names or any information beside what the posters tell the student body.

Nold was fired from her job and wrote a proposal to solve some small issues. She said she wasn’t part of the organization, yet she assisted in posting the fliers on bulletin boards. The idea of free speech is one thing, but going around the system is another. Judith Grimes, interim vice president for Student Affairs said the posters were stamped but were never approved by the dean of students.

The stamping had to be done between those posting the fliers and someone within the Center for Student Engagement. Posters that are approved are organizations approved by the university, and this was not one.

The poster states that students have no benefits, they work for minimum wage with no raises, are harassed by employers and given no genuine respect. The poster gives numerous points, but the majority of them are untrue.

Student workers are given the opportunity to have a work-study job which is not like any other job you will find outside the university. Students don’t need benefits considering they are not full-time employees and are not granted vacation days.

The point about students working for minimum wage is true, but pay wages are increasing. If you are tutoring you can see a raise of a quarter or more.  The next point of harassment from employers was brought up, and there are better ways to go about these issues, such as reporting this to the chair or the deans if you have a problem.

The last point, no genuine respect in the work place is untrue. The handbook clearly states that a student’s job is both an educational as well as an employment opportunity. Supervisors should take the time to give both praise and constructive criticism. It’s easy, and as long as you do your job, you should receive respect.

Student workers should stand together and be thankful for a job where you don’t have to travel or work full time and be allowed to study as well.

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