Student, comic illustrator becomes better with time

[caption id="attachment_11413" align="alignleft" width="300"] Andrew Setter works on a cover page for a new comic book.[/caption] When you think of big time comic books, Marvel and DC comics are usually at the top of the list. For comic book illustrator Andrew Setter, working for one of the two franchises would be a dream job for him. Setter has been drawing for about 11 years now. One of the things that inspired Setter to start drawing happens to be one of the biggest box office successes in recent history. “It started when the first "Lord of the Rings" came out in theaters; that movie was a big inspiration for me,” Setter said. Drawing was not something that Setter always wanted to do. He stated that he was actually more of the sports guy before coming to college. When things didn’t go the way he planned, he decided sketching was something he wanted to pursue. “I didn’t really get serious about drawing until I came to college,” Setter said. “I was going to go into sports management because I was a big-time sports fan. Football ended up going under so I decided to get into drawing, and I have been doing it ever since then.” Setter just finished his second comic book and stated that he is currently working on his third one. His freshman year of college is when he started to actually gain interest for comic books. Once he sees what the script is about, Setter works his magic. “I work in comic books right now,” Setter said. “All I do is draw pictures in a movie format and sometimes in a picture format. I draw what the script says in interesting panels and pictures. I try to make things cool to look at as much as possible.” Setter feels that comic books are a good thing to get into now because of all the new hero movies that have been releasing. He also mentioned that it was a struggle at first to find a comic book company to draw for. However, Setter’s persistence and love for drawing eventually came through, and he was offered a job about a year ago. “I applied for a couple of jobs and ended up not getting them,” Setter said. “But I kept applying and finally after filling out one hundred applications, somebody gave me a shot at it. I became a professional in the business. It’s not like Marvel or DC yet, but I’m getting paid for my work.” One of Setter’s biggest supporters happens to not only be a student at Western, but his fiancée. Audrey Henderson has known Setter for four years and stated that Setter has improved dramatically since the first time she met him. She said that he has built his speed up and his drawings have become exceptional. “He has definitely come a long way since freshman year,” Henderson said. “I have seen all of his art work and it is very admirable. I love that he takes so much pride in his drawings. I am really proud of him.” Henderson went on to say that she thinks Setter’s drawings have turned out to look very realistic over time. She said he has become a quicker artist, and she believes that he truly has what it takes to become an illustrator for the big-time comic strip DC comics. Pierce Karguth has known Setter since their sophomore year of college. The two were suitemates and have stayed close friends since then. Karguth stated that even though he hasn’t seen as much of Setter’s art as Henderson, he feels that his development has been remarkable. “He’s got a very distinctive style that he has found for himself," Karguth said. "That’s really important to do as an artist because you want to differentiate yourself from other comic book artists." With Karguth not really being a big DC comic fan, he stated that he preferred that Setter would become a Marvel comic artist. He then stated that Setter would succeed with either company because he is a team player. As for Setter, he thinks the comic job is just doing something that he truly loves. He plans to work for a smaller company, IDW Publishing, that has produced comics like "Star Trek" and "30 days and Nights." Setter said he wanted to do work for smaller companies in hopes of being noticed by DC comics and Marvel. He also plans to fly out to San Diego, Calif., for the Comic-Con next year. Setter said he will spread his portfolio around when there and hopes someone gives him a call. For more on Setter's illustrations, check out the comic book "Vampire Guardian Angels" on Amazon.

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