Student activism isn’t what it used to be. It seems that Missouri Western students have lost their rights to protest and rally all together.

In the past couple of years we have only seen the “You Can’t Let a Griffon Down” rally form when Western faced budget cuts. The Student Government Association worked to rally a force of students who were not willing to let the budget cuts go to rest. The governor heard their concerns, but nothing really changed.

So for students at Western they have become noncontributory to fight for their rights. There are many issues that students probably don’t even realize have passed on campus and they could have had a dramatic effect on if they would have joined together.

The Constitution Day event hosted by the political science club touched heavily on the issue of student activism and how it has changed from the start of college to today. The fact is, students used to protest over anything they were dissatisfied with early on when colleges began.

There are many issues to fight for here at home. Western has seen a 2 percent increase for educators, but where does that money come from? Western is taking consideration of allowing alcohol in certain areas of the University, but not allowed for students who live on campus. The most recent being the policy passed to ban smoking and any tobacco use on campus.

These are all issues that students are being faced with, but don’t get involved in or even told about these events occurring. When you speak to students over the alcohol and smoking policy they feel as if their rights are being taken away.

So what’s the solution? Well get involved, form a coalition, protest and rally to let your voices be heard. It has been seen many times that students can change not only policy, but the way the Administration takes view of the students as well.

The facts are clear. If students work together and fight for a reasonable cause they can make a difference. It most likely won’t happen today, or even tomorrow. However, it will be in the near future. The changes in policy at Western are headed for a rude awakening, and the students will voice their opinions and concerns.

It’s the right thing for students to do. Students are the university, and without them we would have no university.

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