‘Retribution’ literally follows definition

[caption id="attachment_11846" align="alignleft" width="300"] Residential Evil: Retribution is the new box office release movie for the week. Brian Duskey, multimedia editor gives his response on the movie.[/caption] There have now been five Resident Evil movies, and this one should have been given to the SyFy channel. Resident Evil: Retribution uses horrendous acting, embarrassing writing, and cheap computer-generated imagery to easily become one of the worst films of the year. The “story” follows Alice (Milla Jovovich) once again, as she is now stuck in a facility built by the Umbrella Corporation that is filled with several of the virus-infected monsters that have plagued this series. The inside of the facility was constructed to replicate several large cities and civilizations such as Moscow, Tokyo, and New York City. These replicated cities were created for the corporation to sell the secrets to countries on how to help themselves survive against the virus. Each of the replicated civilizations are populated by thousands of clones that resembled actual people in the real world. Alice’s clone was a suburban housewife with a daughter. Alice comes in contact with her “fake daughter” and develops feelings for her and brings her with her as she tries to escape. Paul Anderson, the writer and director of this movie, tries to explain this lavish “story,” but fails miserably. One of the opening sequences of the film is a cut-scene where Alice, literally, explains the entire series to the audience. This is done to catch up any audience member who has not seen any of the films before, but it’s a cheap solution to telling the story and a rather weak sequence. The first fight scene between Alice and Ada Wong, a former employee of Umbrella, is actually rather entertaining but interrupted by Albert Wesker (Shawn Roberts) and goes into yet another unbearable scene. Wesker, who is an arch-enemy of Alice, now wants to her escape from this facility. He is also the one who explains the entire replication idea to her. So yet again, everything is being cheaply told to the audience, instead of us finding it out for ourselves. As Alice is helped by her one-liner spitting “friends” to escape the facility, the audience is thrown into a barrage of sickening action scenes. Each scene is there just for the sake of action and not a bit entertaining. The characters bore us, the visuals are completely unattractive, and we are taken out of the movie way too often. The CGI resembles something we would see on a really bad SyFy movie like Snakes on a Train or Mega Piranha. There is a car chase where Alice is being chased by this giant four-legged monster and it was so uncomfortable to watch because of how obvious the CGI is. You can even tell that the car is fake. The acting is flat-out atrocious. Jovovich has a really good “game face” throughout the film but it feels like she is still stuck at the table reading. There is also a plethora of actors who do nothing but spit out horrible stereotypical action-movie one-liners. It is hard to call the actors out on such bad acting when the script doesn’t give them much to work with, but it also doesn’t seem like they even tried. To be honest, a novella could be written on how much of an abomination this film was, but it wouldn’t be worth it. Just as all of the $65 million put into this production wasn’t worth it. Ultimately, the trailers that preluded Retribution were more entertaining than any part of this movie. So please, do yourself a favor, and don’t even consider seeing this film. It is not even close to worth it.

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