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Professor travels to Algeria for art exhibit

Geo Sipp, professor of art for Missouri Western State University, is seen here with his art work.

Missouri Western art professor Geo Sipp is about to go on an adventure only few people could ever imagine; an adventure to another country to show amazing artwork he created.

Sipp has been working the last several years on a project with Conger Beasley, Jr., writer and author of over 14 books. This project is potentially a graphic novel inspired by the French-Algerian war called “Wolves in the City.”

The art from this graphic novel that Sipp is creating is taking him across the seas to Algiers, Algeria. Sipp said he was contacted to participate in a conference on the 50-year anniversary of Algerian independence from French colonial rule.

Sipp is leaving Oct. 4 to show 23 images of his art that are intended for the graphic novel.

“I think it’s a great opportunity and kind of a dicey thing to do, going to that part of the world today,” Beasley said. “Geo is a very bold and imaginative guy. I’m sure this will give him a lot of inspiration.”

He is returning on Oct. 15. While in Algeria, he intends to do plenty of photography and sketches to help with inspiration on further art for the graphic novel.

Sean Starwars is also a printmaker and is a longtime friend of Sipp. He has enjoyed a lot of Sipp’s artwork.

“Geo has all these different kinds of images and different kinds of drawn media that are going to inform the work of that graphic novel,” Sipp said. “They’re all so nicely drawn. The storytelling’s very robust. A lot’s happening in there. Apparently there’s a lot of history tied in. I guess it’s not yet done, but panel by panel, it’s really some compelling drawings.”

This is not Sipp’s first time at the drawing board, however.

“I worked very briefly for Marvel Comics when I first graduated, and when I say very briefly, I mean very briefly. It was less than a month,” Sipp explained, “They fired me because I worked very meticulously and very slowly.”

Marvel Comics may regret their move to fire Sipp. Starwars knows how Sipp works and thinks it’s positive.

“His work is so minutely detailed,” Starwars said. “His drawings are just so rich.”

Starwars is looking forward to see what comes of Sipp in the future.

“It’s exciting for him to get to go over there and to be a featured speaker, then just to see what the fall out for him is going to be after.”

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