Film series educates on ‘Election Politics’


Although two films have already been shown, there is still much more the political film series being shown on campus has to offer for Missouri Western.

“Politics are often represented in popular culture, so it’s a different way for students to engage in politics and learn about campaigning outside the classroom,” political science professor Dr. Edwin Taylor said about why he started these series on campus.

This is the second semester having the film series, and there will be a total of five films shown for “Election Politics.” Last semester the film series was themed “War and Peace.”

Two of the films for this year, The Election and The Contender have already been shown. The next film is a documentary called War Room, which is the story following former President Clinton’s 1992 campaign, will be shown on Sept. 27 in Spratt Hall. Travels with George, a documentary about former President Bush’s campaign in 2000, will be shown Oct. 11.

The last film that will be shown on Oct. 25 is the movie Wag the Dog, starring Dustin Hoffman, Robert De Niro and Denis Leary. This movie is a comedy about how when one politician gets caught in a scandal he hires a film maker to fake a war with Albania to cover it up.

“It is important, any year, to show these films but election season gives us an opportunity to not only draw attention to the upcoming election but to think about issues that are involved in an election and campaigning,” political science professor Dr. Melinda Kovacs said.

Kovacs showed the last film this past Thursday, Sept. 13.

“The major goal of political science is to make students more aware of what good citizenship is, caring about government politics, and getting involved,” political science professor Dr. Jonathan Euchner said. Euchner is the other professor showing these films.

Kovacs also said these films will allow students to really think about the important issues of politics and campaigning.

“These films show us what a campaign looks like from the inside, instead of being caught up in who made what speech or who’s ahead in the polls,” Kovacs said.

One thing all three professors stressed is that these films show is the makings and inner workings of a campaign.

“I think these films will at least spark some interest in politics and campaigning in general,” Taylor said.

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