How to: Use quick key commands

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Every day, our fingertips go on an amazing adventure to the magical land of keys. Don’t believe me? Just look underneath your computer screen. Every time we write an email, paper, article or blog our fingers move like speed demons around large square mountains stamped with numbers and letters.  And even though there are 104 of these unique mountains, we surprisingly remember how to make them work faster and faster. We do this simply be remembering quick commands. Though they are as simple as moving your pinky finger over just a hair and pressing down, they save us time and save our assignments. Here are some little pointers of how best to learn these little keys and make life just a little easier.


Quick Command Keys for a MAC


command z – undo

command ssave

command c- copy

command v- paste

command a- select all text

command h- hides program

command tab- brings up current programs

command o- open a document

command p- print

command f- find text in the document

Quick Command Keys for a PC


Control z- undo

Control s- save

Control c-copy

Control v- paste

Control a- select all text

Control h- hides program

Control tab- brings up current program

Control o- open a document

Control p-print

Control f- find text in the document


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