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Creativity fills the walls of the EFLJ department

Photo by. Evan Roberts

Colorful new murals have sprouted out onto the walls of the English, Foreign Language, and Journalism department hall.

The renovation team consisted of Teresa Rodewald, Natasha Snyder Hatcher, Hanna Greenwell and Roxanne Chase.

Chase, coordinator for the new artwork, said that she was in Dr. Mike Cadden’s children literature class when the whole project started.

Chase said Cadden wanted to get some art work to break down the white walls for some time and asked her if she would be interested.

“I was excited about the opportunity, so I said yes,” Chase said. “I told him I need to round up some people, get some ideas and take it from there.”

Student Hatcher said that she heard from Rodewald about needing volunteers to help on the project, so she was very happy to volunteer.

“I thought it would be interesting,” Hatcher said. “I did the set of trees, and I am quite pleased with it.”

The artwork that runs through the halls of EFLJ department includes brick patches, sceneries in doorways and quotes. Chase said that each piece of artwork was from the creation of each artist, and it came from their own inspiration.

“The quotes came from Dana Andrews who was our go between,” Chase said. “I know what the quotes say, but Andrews doesn’t want that information released, he wants his students to figure it out.”

Rodewald, former president of Griffon Art Alliance, said she brought forth the idea of the bricks because she thought it would break up the white spaces and would bring a cool atmosphere. Although they are not completed yet, Rodewald is already pleased with them.

Chase said that there are several different themes going on through the halls, but she likes a realism approach. She said she was going for a type of Edgar Allen Poe theme. The art work renovations have even landed the group to be asked by Dr. Patricia Donaher to do a Harry Potter theme on the wall outside her office; Donaher teaches an English course based on the Harry Potter series.

The group is still looking for different themes from others at Missouri Western who might have ideas for murals, and asking to bring them forth.

“The artwork is not complete, and we don’t plan on it to be complete,” Chase said. “I don’t believe that any form of artwork is ever complete, but that’s my own perspective.”

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