Campus worker comments on flyers

Last week the Griffon News published an article about unapproved flyers that appeared overnight urging student workers to stand up for their rights. The flyers state that students are: harassed by their employer, not allowed to have input into the operation of the workplace and receive zero respect from their employers. As a student worker that has been employed through Missouri Western in various jobs  on campus for almost a year now I feel that we, as students, should consider ourselves lucky to have the jobs on campus that are offered to us. Yes, we make minimum wage and are only allowed to work twenty hours a week, but those rules are put into place for a reason. We are in school to get an education so that one day we can have a career in something that doesn’t pay minimum wage,  gives us benefits, as well as allows creative input. Depending on where you work on campus, whether it is in the department that you are majoring in or in the food court or cafeteria, things are not going to be perfect.  If you’re under the age of 26 you are now able to stay on your parents’ health insurance until you reach the new age limit thanks to Obamacare.  Never mind the fact that in the “real world” part time employers don’t get health benefits either.  So whining about something that is pretty much common sense and nothing that you can do anything about because you work part time through the school is a little useless. Thanks to the Work Study program and jobs on campus, students have the option to save gas and work on campus or to go out into the community in hopes of finding a job that probably isn’t as flexible as one on campus maybe. Plus, having a job on campus allows students to get their homework done and the chance to help other students while they are still getting paid. Sure, they aren’t the most glamorous jobs in the world, but when you get down to it, students that have been lucky enough to be employed through the university have it pretty easy and posting flyers in the cover of night that make you look ungrateful  for the job that you have only look bad on you. We are all adults now, grow up and talk to your employers and ask for the things you want and if you don’t get them  because of restrictions already set in place then try to accept that and move on.  Life isn’t fair and it hardly ever works in your favor because that’s just how it things go. Believe me, I speak from experience and I believe that honesty is the best policy in a lot of things.

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