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De’Ondre Ross is a Western student that is currently selling his pop single on iTunes. To find out more information about Ross visit

Not often do you see a full-time student at a university with dreams of becoming a pop singer and achieving a college degree at the same time. Missouri Western student De’Ondre Ross has made it known that he has accepted the challenge and will follow through with it.

Ross’ love for music started when he was only 2 years old when he was first introduced to drums. Once he turned 7, he realized that music was something that he wanted to make his mark in.

“I’ve been writing and making my own music since I was 7 years old,” Ross said. “It’s just something that has stuck with me since I was a kid.”

Ross said that not only does he write his own music, he also sings and produces it as well. He stated that he has gained so much passion for it that writing has become something that can keep him up all night.

“Sometimes I will wake up in the middle of the night just to write something that has been stuck in my head,” Ross said. “I put things together and they end up being pretty catchy.”

In May of this year, Ross not only released his recent single “Song Goes Off,” he also released an official music video for the song on YouTube as well. The video featured Ross singing and a pretty good crowd of Western students.

The music video has had approximately 3,000 Youtube hits. Director of the video, Western alumna Jeanna Ross, felt that the fact that Ross knew exactly what he wanted made the process go smoothly.

“I think that the performance from De’Ondre and the dancers in the video was great,” Jeanna said. “Everything was very smooth, and I felt that the song itself is easy to sell because it’s something that belongs on the radio.”

Jeanna feels that as an artist, Ross has a lot of potential and as he grows he will continue to be a promising entertainer in music.

“I really like De’Ondre,” Ross said. “I think that he is an artist that is really into what he does. He thinks about music in a different aspect that not too many artists would. He is very professional and he’s going to make it.”

Ross’s dedication and humble personality has caught the eye of quite a few people around the university, including advisor Elaine Bryant. Bryant stated that she was very proud of Ross and commented on his willingness to help his fellow students get involved with his music. Bryant also feels that Ross has a drive to not only do music, but to also to achieve his Business Management degree.

“He’s a great young man,” Bryant said. “I feel that he has a good head on his shoulders because he knows that the business aspect of the music business is going to be a challenge in a career where trusting the right person with your money can be tough.

“He knows that deep down that with that degree, he will have a good foundation and the knowledge for what he needs for the business side of his music career.”

Ross said his mindset of knowing what he wants is the reason why he declared his major in Business Management. Instead of been operated by a music company, Ross says that he would rather learn how to manage his own music career.

“There are a lot of great things happening with me and the music right now,” Ross said, “but I still feel that education is key. I chose Business Management because the music industry is very sneaky, so you definitely need to know your business.”

Since its release, Ross stated that his personally written and produced single “Song Goes Off” has been getting some radio play and the single is also available on iTunes to purchase.

“The single has been going pretty good,” Ross said. “After the first week, it sold over a thousand downloads and that was the last time I checked it.”

As far as new music goes, Ross said that he just finished the final copy of his new single “Music Persuasion.” The single will be released on Aug. 23 at Northwest Missouri State. Ross will perform the song at Northwest and the school’s radio stations will also release the single for the first time.

Ross said that he appreciates all of the support from his fans because they are who keeps him going.

To listen to more of Ross’s music, visit or check out his music video at

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