Republican National Convention hits a speed bump

The Republican National Convention is off to a good start with a few minor obstacles. News Editor Ellis Cross has just arrived in Tampa, Fla., where the RNC is to be held. He said that activities start for him today at noon. Cross stated in his blog that yesterday at 7:38 p.m. eastern, the Chairman of the RNC Reince Priebus emailed delegates and other “Interested Parties” informing them that the convention will “convene on Monday August 27 and immediately recess until Tuesday afternoon, Aug. 28. He said the email stated that the RNC’s first priority is ensuring the safety of delegates, alternates, guests, members of the media attending the RNC and citizens of the Tampa Bay area. “The RNC is working closely with state, local and federal officials, as well as the Secret Service, to monitor Tropical Storm Isaac and preserve Florida’s emergency management resources,” Cross said. “They are expecting participants to experience difficulties due to sustained wind and rain.” Cross said that the events Sunday, August 26, are still on schedule and will proceed.  He said that the welcome event hosted by the Tampa Bay Host Committee at Tropicana Field in St. Petersburg, Fla., is going as planned. The site states that the convention staff is working around the clock to find alternate housing for delegates in storm-impacted areas. “Those plans for replacement housing are expected tomorrow morning Sunday the 26,” Cross said. The convention and coverage from Cross will start tomorrow and will continue throughout the convention cycle. He said that he loves every minute of the experience. “The weather is great so far but Monday's RNC has been cancelled as a precaution due to Hurricane Isaac,” Cross said. For more information on updates from Cross’ coverage of the RNC, please follow his blog at or There will be an update from Cross on Monday, Aug. 27. Click Here for coverage from Cross from the NRC

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