Photo by: Ellis Cross, News Editor for the Griffon News

GOP convention creates mixed emotions between convention guest

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Photo by: Ellis Cross, News Editor for the Griffon News
Delegates and guest on the Republican National Convention floor. Photo by. Ellis Cross, News Editor for the Griffon News


Republican National Convention began this morning with excitement since yesterdays events were canceled due to the tropical storms.

Ellis Cross, News Editor for the Griffon News is in Tampa, Florida this week covering the Republican National Convention. He spent much of today shooting photos, videos, and speaking to numerous guest about the the Republican nominee Mitt Romney. Cross said  the room is filled with supporters for Mitt Romney, but he has also heard chanting from others for a different candidate.

Cross said there are hundreds who were chanting for Ron Paul but they are very outnumbered. He said the convention staff is keeping delegates separated from each other.

“Those supporting Ron Paul sometimes leave their seats to go chant together,” Cross said. ” It is pathetic now but promises to be more of a problem later if they are allowed to over shout the speakers.”

The RNC’s theme for the theme for the evening is “We built this”. The slogan “We built this” comes from the Romney campaign, and is meant for small business owners.

“Many speakers have put this in their speech,” Cross said. “But even more are saying the phrase “We can do better.”

Cross said the convention hall is absolutely electrified with dancing, talking, hugging, and just good fellowship among like minded people. He said all of which have one thing in common and that is to nominate their parties candidate for President and Vice President and where the party stands on certain issues.

“Everyone in this room, hall, and  parking lot are here to elect Mitt Romney,” Cross said.

Day one of the convention will soon come to a close in Tampa, Florida. For more coverage of the National Republican Convention from Ellis Cross follow his blog at or keep checking on the Griffon News for daily stories on the coverage.

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