News editor goes to National Republican Convention

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Ellis Cross, news editor for the Griffon News and Delegate for the Republican National Convention

One Missouri Western student will have the opportunity to travel to Tampa, Fla. on August 27 to be part of this year’s Republican National Convention.

Ellis Cross, news editor for the Griffon News was elected as alternate delegate by the Missouri Republican State Caucus along with fellow members of the state.

Cross said that students need to pay attention to this election because America is at a crossroads. He said the next election will determine if we will have larger government in our lives or if we will begin to get at the debt that comes with it under control.

“Students must register to vote and educate themselves on the issues and where each candidate stands,” Cross said. “Then they must vote their own conscience.”

The Republican National Convention occurs every four years when a presidential election occurs in our country. This year the likely nominees are presidential candidate Mitt Romney and vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan.

Cross said that they will be selecting the Republican candidate for president by vote of the delegation. He said they will also be voting on the articles of the Republican Party.

“Those are the rules of how the party operates,” Cross said. “There will be many speakers and candidates to talk to and experience.”

Cross said he will be blogging at and will be sending videos to the Griffon News website. He said that most of the blogs he will be writing will be about what he’s experiencing and what is happening in Tampa during the Republican National Convention.

“My blogs will be loaded with opinion and even some facts,” Cross said.

For full coverage on Cross’ trip to the Republican National Convention, keep up to date on the Griffon News website at and through Cross’ blog at






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