Cross Reference: One nation under God

The problem with our nation is that we are no longer "under God." As reported in the Huffington Post, President Obama said "--we do not consider ourselves a Christian nation or a Jewish nation or a Muslim nation." Basically he said we are a nation under no god. There is no higher authority to quote concerning the state of our nation and its relationship to God than the leader of our country. If we have no god then we are truly a godless nation. It begs the question, how did this happen? Recently Bott Radio Network sponsored a rally of ministers and religious leaders held in Kansas City, Mo. where Congressman Bob McEwen spoke about how Christians are losing a battle they refuse to fight. "Politics is simply a question of whether decisions are made for people, or whether people are allowed to make decisions for themselves and we make that choice when we cast our ballot," said McEwen. He shared statistics during the presentation revealing that only half of the people who consider themselves conservative Christians are registered to vote. Of those registered only half are actually voting. If conservatives want to see and understand why America is getting further and further away from God, they need to look no further than the mirror. McEwen quoted statistics showing nearly 60 percent of Americans consider themselves Christians. If those people would vote consistently for Bible based conservative legislators, the country would have no other course than becoming a godly country. We would then, it should follow, be in line for his blessings. In his book "Politics: Easy as P.I.E." McEwen tells us what those blessings really mean. Keep in mind that America has only 4 percent of the worlds population. McEwen writes: "Have you ever wondered why America is the richest, most powerful nation on earth? It isn't that we work harder or that we're smarter. It isn't by accident that we create every year more inventions than the rest of the world combined. It isn't by accident that we have won more Nobel peace prizes than the rest of the world combined. We create more jobs, more music, more books, more community plays, and more symphonies than the rest of the world combined, because we have the most freedom to do so." That freedom that he speaks of was brought to us by God-fearing men who set this nation up as a Christian nation. Twenty-nine of the signers of the Declaration of Independence were seminary graduates and acting ministers of God. "Under God" for more than two centuries we have developed, with God's blessing, into the strongest and greatest nation in the world. Things have been going so well that conservative Christians have become complacent when it comes to their government. Political participation has dwindled the representation of 60 percent of the nation to only 25 percent of them voting. So, how do we turn this godless nation around? First look into the mirror. Are you registered to vote? If not find a friend who is involved in politics. Chances are he or she is able to register you. If not, go to the county court house and get registered. It is simple and you can register up to 30 days before the election. Then educate yourself about candidates and issues. Consider how you feel about the issues and vote for those candidates that best meet your convictions. America is a Christian, Godly nation and it is high time we prove it in the ballot box.