WAC program to host a prom-like formal

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Do you remember your high school prom? If not, this year is a chance to relive that moment. On April 19 WAC will be hosting their own formal.

Vice President of WAC Lauren Dillon wants to have a free event were students can step out of their normal attire and throw own a nice dress or suit to have a good time in. The night will be filled with music, food and fun.

“We want to have something that reminds you of your high school prom,” Dillon said. “It’s a chance to get dressed up, take pictures and to overall enjoy your friends.”

This formal is expected to have over 100 students attending. In past years this event was usually canceled because of bad advertising which eventually led to a poor turnout.

Members of the WAC program feel confident about this year’s turnout and feel that the event is perfect for students who want to get out in a stress-free environment that will consist of laughter and fun.

Though the event will be on a Thursday, WAC member Lindsey Ebert thinks that the event will still have good turn out. She feels that with the semester coming to an end, more students are looking for events that will allow them to relax and keep a clear mind.

“This is my first time planning this event,” Ebert said. “But I just want people to have a good time. You don’t normally get to dress up in college because everybody wants to wear sweats. This gives them a chance to show up and look good.”

Dancing is not the only thing that the event will consist of. Kelsey Percht is another member of WAC and thinks that there will be a couple of activities around the room that will allow students to gain new memories with possibly new found friends.

“We are going to have a photo booth there were you can take random and silly photos of yourself in,” Percht said. “We are also going to do prom pictures for the students, which will give the event a more formal approach.”

Finger foods and a DJ will be provided all night, and the formal will not end until midnight. The dance will be held in the Fulkerson center.

Lauren Dillon encourages everyone to come out, dress up and forget about classes for the night. It’s a new year with new members helping to plan this event which means that the formal should be a success, Dillon said.

“We didn’t have it last year,” Dillon said. “But we are going to try it again this year to see how well it does. We have new people and new ideas. It should be a good time.”

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