SGA inaugurates new president, celebrates student successes

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Newly elected SGA President Jacob Scott and Vice President Lauren Upton were inaugurated Wednesday, April 18.

The night also included award celebrations where organizations around the campus were awarded for the work they have accomplished at Western.

The night’s main goal was to honor students on campus for not only their hard work, but also for the dedication and effort that they put in for their organizations. Individual awards were given to students and staff, which included most outstanding senator, lifetime achievement award and adviser of the year.

Scott personally wanted to thank everyone for showing him support for this event. He stated that he will work diligently each day to better Western. The event showed him that people actually did support him and he was very appreciative for that.

“I felt that the atmosphere was phenomenal tonight,” Scott said. “I am very excited about this opportunity because I have so many ideas that I want to show the senate here on campus. I want to be the advocate for students. I am a vocal type of guy and I think that I am the best person to represent the issues of students.”

Food and drinks was served to everyone in attendance of the event. The ceremony was a formal event, so all students and staff were dressed to impress with the women wearing dresses and skirts and the men wearing slacks and ties.

Student Jayson Reading, who attended the event, said he was rather surprised at how big the attendance was. Reading majors in music, and wanted to attend to show support to the new president of SGA. Though it was his first time attending an event like this one, he said that it would not be his last.

“It’s always good to see people get awarded for their work and their accomplishments,” Reading said. “I just feel that both Jacob Scott and Lauren Upton are perfect for the job. I am behind them 100 percent.”

President Vartabedian was in attendance to inaugurate both Scott and Upton in their new positions. Afterwards, both gave their speeches and received a standing ovation when they were done.

Former President Alison Norris handed down her position to Scott after completing her term. Scott was her Vice President when she was elected and she is very comfortable with leaving the position to Scott. Norris stated that ever since she has known Scott, he has been one of the hardest workers that she has ever met.

“Me and Jacob have always been like partners,” Norris said. “I always had to make the big decisions, but I would always ask for his input because I included him in everything. I don’t think he will have any problems taking over for me.”

Norris stated that what makes Scott so special is the fact that he is so passionate about the students at Western. Scott has always wanted to put the students first because he believes that is his first priority.

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