Sara Evans hits almost 1,900 in attendance

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The Sara Evans concert turned heads and raised eyebrows as it reigned as one of the biggest Western concerts with almost 1,900 in attendance.

“Our students and our community were loving the concert,” Isaiah Collier, director of student life, said. “I really feel like the community came out to support as well as our students. I think they really enjoyed it.”

The big crowd was good news to WAC, as they spent $60,000 to bring Evans in.

Perhaps the big crowd occurred due to Evans being from Missouri, coming straight out of Boonville. Her opening act, Shooting Blanks, also come from Missouri as they are from the Kansas City area.

The fact that both are from Missouri and are country artists is a huge thing, SGA President Alison Norris explained.

“People in the community, as well as campus, really like country,” she said.

As Shooting Blanks first appeared on Civic Arena’s bright, multi-colored platform, fans of all ages immediately rushed to the front and packed in under the circular stage before the first word was even sung. After five songs and a short intermission, Evan’s band broke the crowd’s silence with a musical opening. Just seconds later, fans began screaming and waving as Evans strutted on the stage and began singing away.  Though she is not one of the most known country artists, Evan’s fans were definitely in the house as they waved their hands and swayed their lighters to almost every song she sang.

“I wouldn’t say she’s a top artist, but she’s definitely popular,” student and concert attendee Sydney Everall said. “She’s obviously a great performer, or I wouldn’t have come.”

According to WAC, T-shirt and CD sales also went well. The members had to keep refilling stock as they continued selling more and more throughout the night. After the opening act, members of Shooting Blanks stood out by the T-shirt table, signed autographs and took pictures with the fans.

In addition to the crowd of almost 1,900, the night almost tripled last year’s concert, which included rap artist J. Cole, with Jeremiah as the opening act. WAC members also said that numerous people from little towns throughout Missouri drove at least 100 miles to see the show.

WAC Vice President Lauren Dillon said that overall she was very happy with the attendance and the show, as the concert went smoothly from start to end. Dillon said the high attendance numbers proves that perhaps Western does favor a little country twang.

“People say they don’t listen to country, yet those concerts have been our best ones,” Dillon said.

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