Northwest spring concert beats MoWest

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So I attended the Northwest Missouri State Spring concert on April 19th, and all I have to say is, wow! Jeremih was the opening performance, and the performer of the night was none other than Mike Posner.

I have attended most of the spring concerts at our University and all I have to say is that this year’s performance was probably the best. The difference between our concert and Northwest is that theirs was 100% better.

I have heard from so many Mo West students just passing in the halls that they wish the Westerns Activities Council would work harder to try and negotiate for better performers to come to MoWest.

I am one of those students who prefer country, but can’t stand rap. So last year’s concert to me was a waste of time. We all have different likes and dislikes and I understand we cannot be pleased all the time, but bigger names would be a huge improvement.  However, I realize that there are students who feel differently and WAC should take a different approach by perhaps taking a student survey, campus vote, ect to ask the students what kind of music they prefer and who they would like to see come to campus.

I know this seems difficult because some students want performers such as Justin Bieber or Lady Gaga which reaches way beyond the WAC’s budget for the Spring Concert, yet I think through negotiations with record companies and performers we could find someone that all the students would enjoy. The students want something better for our main performances, as well as the opening acts.

I think the reason our spring concerts number of attendance in the past has been low, is because they decide to choose a country signer one year, and the next either a rap or pop singer. If we look at this year’s concert the numbers were great, but we still didn’t get the majority of the student body to agree. It seems to me that most of the students I speak to like pop artists and the reason I believe they do is because everyone seems to have heard of one of their songs or of that particular artist.

This message is to the Westerns Activities Council, and the student body of Missouri Western. If you want to see a better performer next year, like the amazing performance that Northwest had then let’s all get involved. Who knows, by this time next year we may see our numbers in attendance sky rocket.

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