New Editor-In-Chief takes reins

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Finally! Finally! Finally! I’m the new Editor-In-Chief, which is a position that I  have been fighting for over a year now. Through hard work, patience, sweat, tears, yells and screams I have received one of the best honors a journalist could achieve, and for this I am extremely grateful.

Now that the fight is over, the work was already begun. My number one goal as the new top dog is to be a true voice for the students. I want to reach those students that don’t know or understand the many things going on at Western. From the events, to the politics, to the funding, to the exciting opportunities that students don’t often hear about, I want to cover everything that involves this campus.

If I could have every student just browse our front page or even take a quick look at our photos, even if only for a second, then I know I am doing my job. Readership is the biggest issue that any publication faces in today’s society. Why should people take time out of their day and actually read stories in the first place? Once a journalist can answer this question and provide content that is interesting, relevant and readable, he or she has found the true meaning of journalism. I wish to make all of our stories meaningful and appealing to the public while still keeping a since of pride and integrity at Missouri Western. It’s important for the public to know that the Griffon News is a composition of students researching, reporting and investigating all necessary elements worthy of attention. We are not drama starters, gossipers or whiners that report things just to stir up some conflict. Though some journalists are like this, which is quite pathetic, we are not. We are students that work for our campus and write and report stories for our campus.

In response to that, we are not a pr campaign either. We do not simply run stories that are more in depth press releases with no angle nor since of objectivity. That is just plain, boring journalism. The Griffon News is created to be the campus’s outlet of information. What students and staff don’t outright say, we find a way to say. The policies and procedures that are too complex for students to make concrete sense of, we break it down for them. Those elephants in the room that everybody knows are there but nobody wants to acknowledge, we uncover them. That is what we do here.

Being a senior that is entering my fourth year on newspaper, I have learned a lot about what a newspaper is supposed to be. Behind all the good and bad press, the stories, quotes, sources and photos lays a blank page that must be filled each week with content to ultimately better our campus. What I want to do is make the newspaper even better. I will do this by making our content great in every aspect and angle. From all perspectives, this upcoming newspaper will be so interesting and appealing that you can’t keep your hands off of it. It will be more then something you want to read. It will be something your friends, family, professors, peers and faculty all want to read. Because if nobody wants to read it, what’s the point of having it?

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