MTV comes to Western for open casting call

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“I want to be made into a beauty queen, a pop-star, a jock, a professional snowboarder!” These are often aspirations of people who desire to be on “Made,” the famous reality show that has been airing on MTV for nearly 10 years.  On April 25, producers will be hosting tryouts at Western and asking any student interested the famous question, “What do you want to be MADE into?”

Just a few days ago, Student Life Director Isaiah Collier received an email from MTV producer Ryan McCray explaining that he was searching for college-aged students dealing with certain hardships and felt that a Missouri Western student might be his answer for a different spin on the show. From there the two developed a tryout session for Missouri Western students to showcase their hardships for a short camera spotlight.

“He looked at some of the hardships we are facing now with the budget constraints and thought that for students here, it would be great opportunity for them to reach for the stars and achieve their goals,” Collier said about why McCray choose Missouri Western.

From 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. an MTV producer will be conducting a five-minute interview for any student wanting to try out for the show. After all the interviews, the producers will take all the shot footage from Western and numerous other schools back to New York where they will review and decide which student to choose.

“He’ll be simply asking questions and holding the camera at the same time,” Collier said. “It’s that bare bones. Afterwards, he take it back to MTV to see if there’s any kind of meat or story there.”

According to Collier, there is no guarantee that they will select a Western student, but it is a possibility as McCray is really trying to focus on this region. The only stipulation is that the student must be in the age range of 18 to 26.

Student Louis Erby, who has already signed up for an interview, said that this try out could be his one chance to fulfill his dream of becoming a professional artist. As soon as he saw the email, Erby jumped to the opportunity.

“I just took off running to go get the paper,” Erby said. “I didn’t even ask questions. If the opportunity presents itself, I’m the first to come running. It would be a nice, cool first step to start off like that. I’m not doing rapping; I’m doing acting. I want to have a role in the first theater production in the fall.”

Student Jessica Criss, who recently heard of the tryouts, feels that the show coming to Western is a great thing for both students and the university.

“We never get opportunities that larger universities do, and the casting call being here is great exposure to the university,” Criss said.

If students are interested they can go to the Center for Student Engagement and pick up an application. The application must be returned at the time of their interview. Students can also select their interview time by signing their name at the preferred time in the CSE. Interviews will begin right at 11 a.m. April 25 in Blum 212.

“I feel like we have some talented students that can definitely shine,” Collier said. “I think students will get a big kick out of MTV being on campus.”

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