Minx displays versatility, 9 faces in ‘Little Shop’

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Eddie Murphy won’t be participating in Missouri Western’s performance of “Little Shop of Horrors,” but Kyle Minx will be along with all nine characters he is playing.

“All of the characters in it are definitely characters,” Minx said. “You have plays where people aren’t necessarily characters, they’re just people. In this show, pretty much everyone has a character; there isn’t really a normal person role.”

Director Dallas Henry said Minx has unique descriptions for his characters like “the Jewish man/Billy Crystal/old NBC exec” and “the cowboy/the old hick that just got off of a horse and is really sore.”

Minx is a music education major with an emphasis in vocals who is participating in his fifth play at Missouri Western. Counting high school, Minx has been in over 20 plays, with one of them already being “Little Shop of Horrors.”

Minx originally went into auditions to be the dentist and had no idea that he would be leaving as the dentist — and eight other people. As you’d probably imagine, changing into so many characters from one scene to the next is not easy. Usually to feel more comfortable, Minx walks around as each role talking to people as that character before he goes on stage. Some parts aren’t always as smooth of a transition as Minx would like, such as a scene where he plays multiple characters during a song.

“The fastest changes are the three people in that one song where I have around 20 seconds to change,” Minx said.

Henry foresaw the potential that Minx could be for this play.

“Kyle is one of the hardest working student I’ve ever had,” Henry said. “He comes in with something new every day, takes the notes, works them, works them, works them, and you just look forward to that student every time.”

For Minx, attention to detail proved to be the biggest help in developing so many different characters. With Minx having a lot of prior involvement in vocals, Henry was able to focus less on the singing and more on the little details of acting. After noticing the detail in his own roles, he noticed similar details in Bryn Terfel, an opera singer that he’s always looked up to.

“I’ve seen him in a bunch of different roles,” Minx said. “I never noticed until Dallas started directing me so specifically in acting how much little tiny things can make a character. As I watch more of Bryn, I really see those tiny things that make the character. But you’d never know it and I think that’s what makes a really great actor.”

For the students who don’t know much about “Little Shop of Horrors,” Minx believes it could be even more enjoyable.

“They’re in for a treat,” Minx said. “I watched the movie and it was fun, getting to know the show is fun. But I think its way more fun to come in not knowing what’s going to happen. It’s a very fun, creepy musical that I think is right up the alley for a lot of people our age.”

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