Letter to the editor: Sitting the Record Straight [sic]

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I have often found the Griffon News informative and interesting. However, I am not impressed with the recent issue dated March 29, 2012. In fact, staff writer Natalie Spivey should learn to check her facts and verify her sources before you run to print anything she writes.
The SGA did not; I repeat did not propose a tobacco free campus policy. The SGA received word that the administration had informed the Board of Governors that they should institute a tobacco free policy. The proposal Miss Spivey wrote about was simply the SGA’s attempt to give the students some kind of voice in the process. She is correct; it is not worth the paper it is written on. However, when members of the SGA learned that a policy would be implemented even though the student body has voted against it, we felt it best to do what we could to gain the students some kind of concessions. By proposing students, have the ability to smoke in their cars and for residents who do not have cars, the privilege to smoke in designated areas around the residence halls.

Let us be clear here with all the legislation passed over the last 10 years, smoking in public is a privilege not a right, and as a smoker I understand this. MWSU campus belongs to those who founded it and turned it into a thriving educational institution, and therefore have the right to implement any policy they so choose on their property. We are fortunate to have the opportunity to attend this University and as Mr. Cross said, “Those who don’t like Western the way it is should go to some other school,” good luck on finding an affordable institution that is not a tobacco free campus.

The administration is very good about allowing students to set policy and govern. Yet, in this fiscal drought, they have the ability to cut costs on health insurance, and that helps keep the programs that contribute to our success and the tuition at an affordable rate. At the same time how can anyone with an ounce of common sense, look around at all the cigarette butts littering the grounds at almost every entrance on campus, and believe we have the right to enjoy the privilege of doing so.

Speaking of Mr. Cross, I have to believe the Griffon News to be truly desperate for writers to allow him a voice of any kind, and about all I can honestly say about his inappropriate language and repugnant terminology is, it is not worthy to use for wiping my, well you get the picture.

Clifford Petersen

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