Fashion show keeps heads turning, students amused by musical duo

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Western students saw more slacks, ties, button-ups, suits and dress shoes rather then pumps and peep-toes at the annual WAC fashion show as there were more male participants this year then nearly any other year before.

SGA Vice President of WAC Lauren Dillon said she was very happy at this year’s mix of models and fashions. The show included nine males and 10 females, a few models from last year, models that were hand picked by designers and a lot of brand new models trying the show out for the first time.

“I really like doing these fashion shows when we have a big diverse group,” Dillon said. “We interact with these people and you make friends that you would have possibly never met before.”

The show featured student designers Robyn Patti and Noel Collier as well as numerous St. Joseph fashion stores such as Buckle and Charming Charlie. WAC decided to also try to top last year’s show by bringing in a professional musical performance and different lighting. Dr. Seahorse, an electronic and pop duo, served as DJs, hosts and a musical act between the different looks. Another new addition to the show was a formal section that included tuxes from Tip Top Tux and formal floor-length gowns from Shannon Renee’s Formal Wear and Accessories.

Dillon said that all the new additions were small things to make the show more unique and keep the students coming back. Dillon, who has been a part of fashion show’s production for three years, said that though the show is time consuming, seeing everything on that final night makes it worthwhile.

“We went a little bit bigger this year,” Dillon said. “Every year that I’ve done (the show) we’ve steadily increased. It’s so fun to see everyone get dressed and seeing how everything comes together. It might not necessarily be how it was in my mind, but then it sometimes comes together better just on its own. ”

Last year, the show held over 250 people in attendance and 200 people the year before. This year the show held over 150 people, yet the smaller crowd was greatly amused by the designs and the Dr. Seahorse duo. The crowd gave a standing appauslse when the lead singer, Trevor, did Michael Jackson’s “Man in the mirror.” Students mouths dropped open from the first word that came out of his mouth.

“He sounded just like Michael,” audience member Cambreana Byrd said. “I thought it was really him for a second.”

Student Designer Robyn Patti, who had five pieces in the show, felt that being the audience is often surprised to see students making and creating clothes rather

“I think a lot of people don’t expect to see students creating outfits and making pieces,” Patti said. “They come to the show and expect to see only retail clothing. With the student designers they get that extra wow factor.”

Third year returning model Lindsey Stubbs said her favorite part of this year’s show was the “Rags to Riches” thrift store challenge. Each of the models were given a set dollar amount to spend at the St. Joseph thrift stores.. They were required to pick out their own financial-friendly ensemble in just a short amount of time.

“It was a lot of fun to throw some things together,” Stubbs said. “It gives people the idea that even if they are on a budget they can still feel good about themselves. I was really excited about it.”

Stubbs also included that fashion shows are great ways for students to feel comfortable about themselves, rather being in the show or just attending. Stubbs feels that the show is a way for students to see and showcase fashion diversity.

“I don’t think you have to follow any rules,” Stubbs said.  “As long as you are comfortable in what your wearing and you feel good about yourself, who cares? I feel like your confidence is going to be more attractive to people then necessarily what you’re wearing.”

The show was held in the Fulkerson center on April 3 at 8 p.m. A reception followed the show where students could meet the performers and designers, receive store coupons and get a closer look at the clothing.

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