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Humans vs. Zombies begins, bloody showdown starts today

In just a few short hours, the blood bath will begin with Western’s annual Humans vs. Zombies ultimate campus showdown.

WAC decided to add a few rules this semester to make the game more fair and challenging. Students that live off-campus are not allowed to participate due to an unfair advantage. All players must have their printed registered ID number on them at all times or they could be disqualified. Bands must be worn and visibly seen every day on campus.

“I’m just hoping for a fun, safe game,” Chance Umstattd, HVZ event planner said. “Last year it got a little crazy with the safety, but hopefully this year everyone has fun and keeps safe and that people want to come back next year.”

WAC has officially notified the students that if any unsportsmanlike conduct such as shoving, hitting, bum-rushing, rough housing or anything else of that nature occurs, HVZ monitors will immediately notify the police.  According to the monitors, last year there were quite a few issues that involved rough play.

Though some students were disappointed at the new rules, over 100 eager students filed in line to register. Many of them are hoping for the same fun that they had last year.

“It was extremely fun being chased by massive numbers of zombies,” participant Cody Benowitz said. “I met a lot of new friends, and I had a lot of fun.”

Participant Gabriel Saldana also had fun last year and enjoyed meeting a lot of people that were big into the game just like him. Though Saldana hopes to stay human for a while before a zombie catches him, he admits that playing on the dark side is still fun.

“Being a zombie isn’t too bad,” Saldana said. “Running around campus late at night was very fun.”

Participant Rachel Monson said the suspense in last year’s game was the best part for her. She never knew when she would die and be turned into a zombie.

“I like seeing how serious everybody takes it,” Monson said. “I also like having to run to and from class to not get caught.”

This year the game will include a number of missions that alter the game guidelines to make the attacks more fun. By the end of this week, ultimate zombies will appear. If tagged by an ultimate zombie, the human will be “dead” and their game will end.  Though this year’s participants are fewer then last year’s due to off-campus students not being able to participate, Umstattd thinks the game will still be fun as long as people abide by the rules.

“Just follow the rules and don’t be a jerk about the game,” Umstattd said. “Have fun and play fair.”

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