Student makeup artist headed in the right direction

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After seeing the prominent eyebrows and dazzling mascara that blend around her vibrant eyes,  it is pretty easy to understand why Meghan Vandever is a makeup artist.

Meghan puts on her makeup before the rest of her day. Photo by Jason Brown.

“Whether it’s for beauty or special effects, I just love the process of having a vision of what I want, and making it come to life,” said Vandever, who is a sophomore majoring in Convergent Media.

Vandever is a passionate artist; her face is the canvas, and her paint is just of a different substance.

When she was young, she used to mess around with a lot of her mother’s makeup, but she didn’t discover her strong passion for it until her junior year at Bishop LeBlond High School.

“I just started watching countless makeup tutorials on YouTube and trying to recreate whatever look interested me,” said Vandever, who would watch those videos and, instead of copying them, she would put her own style into them.

Vandever, whose friends ask her for makeup advice and let her practice her art on them, said her family thought it was a little odd at first that she was not going to school for something like business, but they got used to her passion.

“My family supports me financially,” Vandever said.

Purchasing all of her supplies from the cosmetics store Sephora without a job made her see just how costly being a makeup artist can be.

“Once I knew that a lot of higher-end products are better in quality, I realized that it would be a pretty expensive ordeal,” Vandever said.

It has not just been fun and games though; She has done a couple of gigs for her art, as well.

In 2011, Vandever helped with Central High School’s production of the musical “Into the Woods,” which deals with a lot of creative and colorful mystical characters.

She also worked for Worlds of Fun last fall during their “Halloween Haunt.” She was their makeup artist, doing special effects makeup for all of the different haunted houses.

Anyone who follows Vandever on Twitter (@MeghanVee) can view her talent, as she loves to tweet pictures of work she has done and the process of working towards the final look.

After graduating, Meghan plans to attend a cosmetology school and then move to California in order to be close to Hollywood.

“In the end, my goal is to become a special effects makeup artist for horror movies,” she said.

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