Smoking ban proposal needs to end permanently

I'm hearing those rumors again. Some of the staff at The Griffon News have told me that the smoking ban is being promoted again. How many times do students have to say no by voting down a smoking ban. Please! SGA, stop the insanity. We have voted down the idea of a smoking ban several times and those who think we all voted by mistake, or we didn't really mean it, think we need to vote again until they get their way. This was a smoking campus when they got here. If they want to go to a smoke free school then they need to go do that. Stay away from my freedom. You have to question the intelligence of any student who looks at Missouri Western and sees something they do not like and then they decide to come here to change everyone's freedoms to suit their behavior. If you don't like people enjoying a cigarette or cigar between classes outside of the buildings then go to another school. We smoke here. We smoked in front of you when you toured the campus with your parents. There are ash trays everywhere outside. You selected this school for what I hope is a good reason that still exist. Cling to that and deal with the smokers. Maybe your test scores were too low and you couldn't get into the school of your choice. That is no one's fault but your own. If you have to go to an open enrollment school then deal with the consequences you caused. There are problem smokers. They hang around the doors and refuse to smoke in the designated areas. It is a real problem and I have been saying for years that they do so at their own risk. Western's administration can and will ban smoking if the expense of littering becomes too large of a problem. If smokers would follow the rules, there would be nothing for non-smokers to complain about. The "smoke banners" also use the tired excuse that they are worried about smokers health and second hand smoke. It is not true. Second hand smoke a few times a week while in college has never been documented as the cause of someones health problem. If they want a health related cause to champion on this campus then, why not attack the number one health problem here, STDs. There is a reason the health center hands out free condoms at the front counter. Notice they do not hand out nicotine gum! The proposed ban is futile. When you get to vote on this issue again please vote to keep our campus free! (again) Thanks

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  1. Mr. Cross,

    As I have already explained on another opinion piece, the ban is an issue that is being brought up by the administration, NOT by SGA. A proposal came up in SGA to write up a version to suggest to the administration, as it will be pretty much our only chance to get any input. Maybe you should stop getting your information from other staff members, as it has failed you time and time again. It is the administration that does not care that the students voted down the bill. They will get lower insurance premiums if we are smoke-free, and it looks better, so they are going through this regardless of what the students want.

    So, there is not going to be a vote, because this has nothing to do with SGA, and the administration does not care what the students think.

    1. The problem is SGA is doing nothing to stop the administration. SGA’s responsibility is to represent the students who voted the idea down more than once. I don’t see the SGA doing anything. This makes me think SGA couldn’t get it passed the students so, they went to the administration and asked for it to be done through administration so they could get what they want against student’s will. I know that some of the members of SGA really want a smoking ban bad enough to make it an administrative decision.

  2. I have read my article again. It doesn’t say that the smoking ban is promoted by the SGA. I do call upon the SGA to “stop the insanity” as in, a plea for them to do something.

    I think you are tilting your hand when you protest too much. People may think you feel guilty.


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