Jacob Scott wins election, will be next SGA president

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Jacob Scott and Lauren Upton have been elected SGA’s next president and vice president.

Scott and Upton won with 449 votes while Cody Beyers and Kelsey Samenus received 308 votes, totaling 757 total voters.

President Jacob Scott takes on the head position of SGA. Photo by Jason Brown

“I am so excited,” Scott said. “It’s going to be a great honor to serve students for an entire year as SGA president.”

Scott said that Beyers and Samenus were worthy opponents and that they are welcome to be a part of SGA in the future.

“Even though I’m going to be president,” Scott said, “their ideas will live on—their ideas of accountability and leadership and enthusiasm—those ideas will live on in my administration.”

Beyers and Samenus’ campaign scope was broad. On both election nights it was reported that both of them were either going to door to door at the residence halls or making phone calls to Western students. Beyers believes that this strategy helped get voters out.

“It was a really good voter turnout,” Beyers said. “Obviously we didn’t attract the same crowd that Jacob did. The man on the street—people seeing our faces—it was a good approach but Jacob has more connections I suppose.”

Scott admitted that he was never too worried about the election.

“I’d lie to you if I said I wasn’t nervous,” Scott said, “but I know that I have the best supporters that campaigned so hard for me that helped me out so much. I’d just be lost without them.”

Even though he lost the election, Beyers said that he would like to see the budget reconstructed next year.

“I’d like to see more line item things so the students can see where their money is going and why it’s going there,” Beyers said.

Beyers said that he doesn’t know yet if he will apply for a directorship. Scott said that if Beyers or Samenus applies that he would certainly consider them for directorships along with anyone else who applies.

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