Digital Arts Showcase Shows Off Various New Works

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Students and faculty of the music technology and integrated media programs of Western held a digital arts showcase in Potter Hall Tuesday, March 27 that displayed creative works of various kinds.

The showcase consisted of different digital arts such as electronic music, video, animation and a bizarre use of software that is rarely shown.

Dr. Linda Antas, assistant professor of music, helped put the showcase together and feels that the two recently formed programs are starting to get well established. As they continue to grow, she feels that the work that is being produced has become good enough to present in a concert.

“We want to celebrate the creative works that both faculty and students at the graduate and undergraduate level are producing, using some pretty cutting-edge technology,” Antas said. “It’s a really great mix of things that you will find in the popular music world.”

Both programs are fairly new to not only Western and all of St. Joseph, but also fairly new to the entire country. Antas stated that with these programs being so advanced, it makes the showcase more enjoyable to witness.

The event was free and the turnout came as a surprise to many with more than 90 people showing up to the showcase.

The event consisted of 11 undergraduate and graduate participants and two professors.

Each participant focused on one specific digital art that showed different areas of technology and music mixed into one. A lot of the music and videos were being performed through laptops which helped enhance the quality.

Chris Verstraete is a student at Western that showcased his music that he wanted to share with the audience. Verstraete stated that the purpose of his music was to make people feel uncomfortable, almost like the music that is heard in horror movies.

Verstraete feels that the turnout was great and that the showcases will only get better in the future.

“It was pretty good for the first show,” Verstaete said.” There are some things that went very well. Dealing with technology, a lot of connection and things of that nature have to be just right and I think for the most part they were.”

Sara Verduzcl is a music major at Western and found the showcase very entertaining. Verduzcl stated that it was different considering the fact that most music programs in Potter hall consisted of live orchestras and symphonies.

“I think that the digital arts showcase was very interesting because we got to see a musical performance that is not typically shown here a lot,” Verduzcl said. “I really enjoyed it.”

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