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The college republicans have different views of the Republicans candidates running for President, but they all agree that they want anyone but Obama. 

The officers of the College Republicans have made their picks for President of the United States to go against President Obama this fall. Each officer of the organization has chosen a different candidate and they all seem to dislike a particular candidate as well, but they all agreed that whoever the nominee is they will support.

Travis Hart, College Republican’s president said that his candidate for President is Newt Gingrich. He believes that Newt has a great plan for America which includes lowering gas prices down to $2.50 a gallon, reforming Medicare, and entitlement reforms.

Sterling Flitcher, College Republican’s secretary said he supports Congressman Ron Paul of Texas for President. He also said that overall he wanted to defeat President Obama and would support any candidate.

It seems  that  the economy is not the only issue  these  leaders are worried about. The officers of the College Republicans believe that the rise of gas prices,  Obama care, and social issues seem to be  major factors for them going into the 2012 elections.

Flitcher said it’s not directly President Obama’s fault for the rise in gas prices. He said that Obama had the opportunity to sign the treaty to Key Stone Pipeline, and he refused to do that.

“That was a way in which he could have helped, but he didn’t, Hart said.”

Jacob Scott, College Republican’s vice president said that he isn’t in favor of the Keystone pipeline. He believes that the government has a responsibility to create conditions for Americans to succeed. Scott said President Obama has an obligation, or any President for that matter, if gas prices are too high then make it possible for us to drill.

“What you do is create fairness through standards and regulation’s to allow for drilling, Scott said.” “So the price of gas can go down, stimulate our economy, and improve our country.”

The organization believes that many of the bills that have been passed over this President should be repealed. Hart believes that Obama Care is a major issue but is not the only bill that should be repealed.

“We can’t just stop at Obama care, Hart said.” “We are the party of reforming, and we don’t want to just replace it, but reform it.”

The opposition has a different approach on the republican candidates and party. Kayla Wiedmaier, pride member said that she believes the Republicans are close-minded, power-hungry, greedy people. She said that a main issue is her support for gay marriage and the opposition of the Republicans who don’t support equality of marriage.

“I think that Republicans are so concerned with what the church thinks, Wiedmaier said.”  “Mainly because the Christians lobby and give money to these candidates, and they don’t stop to think about the nation as a whole.”




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