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Advisors dont know everything!

I have been thinking a lot lately about classes for next semester, and I’m sure you have too. I have changed my major once from political science to convergent media and I have one thing to say. I am glad I did so. I have nothing against political science, because I am a big fan of politics and current events. But, the advisor I had was not worth having.

You see when I was signing up for classes last year, my advisor told me to take both Art 100 and Music 101 to finish up my 9 credits in Humanities. It sounds like a good thing right, taking two classes the same semester to finish a section in your major, minor form. So that’s what I did, I signed up for the two classes.

I then decided in the middle of the semester to change my major, I went to the department, met with an advisor; she looked over the classes I had taken and told me that I wasted a credit. I had no idea back then that I couldn’t take two courses in the same section.

So im sure you’re asking yourself, why is the ignorant student telling you this story? Well here’s the reason why; don’t make the same mistake I did.

I have discovered over time to look at my major, minor form before going into a meeting with my advisor. They have so many students to advise, which I have to say it’s their job to check over things, and make sure we are headed down the right path towards graduation. However, if you believe that they are trying to advise you in wrong direction, then confront your advisor about it.

I hate the fact that I wasted 3 credits for a class that won’t count towards graduation, but I will say I learned something about Jazz music, and the different types of instruments it takes for musicians to perform in a Jazz band. Except I will never use this in my degree.

So learn from my mistake, and don’t go down the wrong path. If you feel that your advisor is trying to get you to take a class that you don’t need then ask them where it shows in the major, minor form to take this class in order to graduate. I have heard from many people around the campus, and on facebook complaining about their advisors. Well if there’s a problem, then do something about it. Take Action

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