Where is Max Griffon?

Seconds before a potential no-hitter was thrown by Missouri Western pitcher Brandon Simmons, a mythical creature -- part lion, part eagle -- ruined it. [caption id="attachment_9547" align="alignleft" width="150" caption="Max the Griffon should watch out for Griffon pitcher Brandon Simmons after "jinxing" his perfect game. Photo by Jason Brown."][/caption] It's an all-around norm to never talk about a no-hitter. Max Griffon didn't know about this apparently. Seconds before Simmons threw three straight hits to Nebraska-Kearney and ended the opportunity, Max's tweet read that Simmons had a no-hitter. The jinx may have ruined Simmon's chance at finishing out the accomplishment. The mascot has been hiding ever since, and is on the lookout. Before anybody lost sight of him, he had one last tweet to say. "They say don't talk about a no hitter, not don't "tweet" about it!," Max tweeted. Though minutes later, he did send out an apology to Simmons. Nonetheless, the Griffons won the game. But the game was practically in the bag anyway, so Max remains at fault. Let's just agree he's not Steve Bartman. So why is he hiding? "We don't know who's behind Max Griffon," Western coach Buzz Verduzco said. "But we got that when Brandon Simmons has a no-hitter going, that evidently Max tweeted, 'Hey Simmons has a no-hitter.' One pitch later, boom, he gives up the first hit of the game, so he lost the no-hitter." So the baseball team is definitely blaming him. Not everybody is blaming Max. Asst. Director of Athletics for External Relations and good friend Brett Esely is sticking up for Max Griffon. "I actually have a pretty good relationship with Max, him and I talk on a regular basis," Esely said. "I went back and looked at the transcript of that conversation, and that actually was tweeted initially at the top of the fifth inning, and let the record show that the no-hitter was not broken up until the top of the seventh inning." If anybody has info on where Max Griffon could be, please find him and report him back to the athletics office in Looney Complex.

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  1. What a great example of athletes being too proud to accept failure. The whole system of sports superstitions is nonsense and designed to pass the blame off onto something completely unrelated. Guess what, Simmons, you screwed up. Big deal, life goes on. Blaming the mascot is far worse than anything done in the game for its pettiness alone, “So the baseball team is definitely blaming him.” How pathetic.

    1. Not as dumb as amber · Edit

      Its a fun entertaining article because the Griffons still won. This article is written tongue-in-cheek if you aren’t intelligent enough to decipher that on your own. If the game would have been 1-0 and a homerun broke up the no hitter after the tweet went out then you would not have seen an article like this one.
      If you are completely ignorant about any topic (ahem: baseball) keep your dumbass comments to yourself. The article was written to be tongue in cheek, the writer knows that, the players know that, the coaches know that, the fans know that… But you??? Nah your showing how much you know.

  2. Amber, it’s an inside joke and you’re on the outside of it. Obviously by your lack of understanding the situation. No one blames Max the Griffon for Brandon Simmons giving up a hit. Actually, he ended up giving up 3 hits in the game. This is by no means screwing up and is a very successful outing by a pitcher. This news article and other media responses about this are light hearted pieces to bring attention to how close Simmons was to accomplishing something that not many pitchers have done in the game of baseball.


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