SGA sets the bar high, new senators take positions

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SGA President Alison Norris declares one major goal loud and clear: take care of the students.

SGA President Alison Norris is fully aware of the University’s recent budget cuts. Her acknowledgment of the fact may be the reason she seemed to be very dedicated in her duty to help students out on campus as much as possible.

“I think my motto and my goal is for us to improve things that affect students on an everyday basis, instead of maybe doing programs and things like that that maybe don’t affect students as much,” Norris said.

Norris focused on this goal when she went through the process of filling the four vacant positions that were open on the SGA Council. Lauren Dillon, who filled the position of WAC Vice President, joined WAC because she wanted to be a part of the major event planning that takes place on campus.

According to Dillon, it is important for her to host the spring concert. She and other WAC leaders plan on making the event one of the biggest, sold-out occasions that the university has ever held.

Although a performer has not been named yet, it is important that the concert has the biggest student turn out as possible.

“We haven’t announced anybody yet, but I will like to see that we have the biggest, well-attended concert as far as ticket sales and students coming,” Dillon said.

In her recently-filled position as WAC vice president, Dillon expects to always have something for students to get involved in. She wishes to have an event for students every week to attend so students can have something to do on campus. Dillon is a public relations major and hopes that the position as WAC vice president gives her good experience for her major later on in life.

“I’m gaining great career experience from doing this,” Dillon said. “I hope it will definitely look good on my resume.”

In addition to improving student programs, events and activities, SGA also plans to enhance campus communication. Brittney Edwards filled the Director of Communication position. One of the main things that is expected from Edwards is to spread the news around campus about the events that SGA is hosting.

“Their expectation of me is to just get the word out and to inform students and the community about upcoming events and things that we are doing with WAC and SGA,” Dillon said.

Edwards’ expectations are to have a good year with SGA and to accomplish the goals that will make SGA and WAC run smoothly. She believes that the position that she holds fits her perfectly.

“I really wanted to get involved with SGA because it is working with students, as well as executive members and other faculty members,” Edwards said. “If I want to get involved in this school, I think that this is the most important organization to get involved with for sure.”

The last two positions that were filled weere the Director of Finance and the WAC Vice Chair. Taylor Kram is taking over for finance and Aleyna Asher is the new vice chair for WAC. Alison Norris feels that everyone has adapted quickly and is ready to get started.

“The senators are really happy with the work that they are doing so far,” Norris said. “So you could say they kind of fit in right with their job, and their doing good work.

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