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Turning a hobby into a business is something everyone has thought about at one time or another, but for Nick Niemeier, he turned that thought into a reality.

For the past five years he has gone from playing in a band at some small parties to having consistent business as a DJ, a business that continues to show promising growth for the future.

Niemeier jump-started his line of work with DJ equipment that was a gift to him from his parents and has kept it going and growing ever since. He has built it up enough to have two full working systems and an equipment van to travel in.

“Eventually I’d like to move it all down to the beach somewhere,” Niemeier says. “Maybe Florida or something, but until then I’m just going to keep it growing and make it bigger.”

Niemeier ultimately wants to end up producing his own music. Being a Music Technology major inches him closer to his goal every day. His classes have already helped his DJ skills by giving him a better understanding for a wide variety of equipment.

When Niemeier isn’t busy as a DJ, he is doing school work. When he isn’t doing school work, he is fulfilling his responsibilities as the Phi Sigma Kappa president.

Phi-Sig member Alex Ahlschlager sees the multiple lifestyles every day and witnesses just how Niemeier manages to keep up with school, run a business, and be a president of a fraternity.

“He handles the business just like he does school,” Ahlschlager says. “He takes it seriously.”

Ahlschlager has helped DJ in Niemeier’s home town of Marceline, Mo.

Whenever Niemeier is able to find free-time from school and work, he usually spends it making his own music.

If you don’t recognize his name, you may recognize him around campus as “Nick Na$$ty” or his fraternity name “Sasquatch,” according to fraternity member Korey Kelso. You also might recognize his DJ name “Soundninja.”

Niemeier recently was hired as DJ for the Black Light Night in Blum. According to Lauren Dillon, president of the Western Activities Council, WAC always looks for talented students before hiring someone outside of Missouri Western.

“Everyone had nothing but positive things to say about him,” Dillon says.

People can hear the Soundninja in person in Tuck’s Bar, connected to the front of Belt Bowl, on Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday nights.


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