SGA gets back in session with first board meeting

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At the first SGA Senate meeting of the fall semester, SGA senators debated over the music department’s proposal of a new digital system in Potter Hall, yet ultimately passed it.

Several senators had different opinions on the bill and questions pertaining to the initial proposal put forth. Senator Brian Shewell felt the digital system was something SGA should think about considering before approving, since Potter Hall was the next building on campus to be renovated. On the other hand, another Senator Julie Hodson felt that SGA should accept the proposal.

“The music department shouldn’t be punished when SGA has already helped other departments in Potter Hall, even if the building is to be renovated,” Hodson said.

The second bill passed approved the music department’s proposal to replace their current calendar board with an additional digital system that would be located in the main hallway of Potter Hall. The equipment would be used for slideshows and to publicize events to students who would like to know what was happening in the arts on campus. Senator Pearson addressed his concern with an important question: “If we put money into the theater department, why not back music?”

Another subject brought up during discussion was student finances. There was no definite easy solution to how the student senators should respond to the budget cuts. Gov. Jay Nixon will not allow the school to raise tuition higher than 3 percent, in correlation with the Senate Bill 389 that limits the tuition increase by the consumer price index. For Missouri Western, this means only 3 percent of an allowed increase. Within the last three years there was a 25 percent budget cut.

The last bill approved, which was recommended by the Executive Board, was the Professional Clothes Closet Bill, which SGA President Alison Norris proposed.

“I heard a lot of universities have this program,” Norris said.

This program will provide students with professional attire to aid them in competing for jobs. Norris knows it is getting harder and harder to look nice for professional interviews and put forth the bill as a way of helping students dress for their professional careers.

The program’s goals are to provide one free professional outfit to MWSU students for a job interview or to attend a University Career Fair and to give the outfit as an incentive. SGA is also providing the start up fund to get this program going. The proposed budget was $1,700. Some local businesses have offered to help by donating items.

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