Obama, get ready for a 2nd term!


In this past weekend’s contest for the Republican contest.  I believe it will just go to show you that anything can happen now until the general election. Newt Gingrich seemed to surprise many folks in both the media, and the Republican Party. He was in third or fourth place for the longest time, and after only one debate he becomes the front runner overnight. I bet that President Obama is enjoying watching what’s unfolding in the Republican Party.

The right wing party has been searching for the candidate who can best beat President Obama, but the question still remains. Which of these four jokers can actually beat Obama in a debate, or the election? In my own honest opinion, I believe none of these candidates will beat the President. The President has done so much to improve this country, and like he said on the night he declared victory, “We may not get there in one year or even in one term.” I know people are looking for changes, but come on people. President Obama inherited this mess, and anyone who was coming into the Presidency after George W. Bush was going to look bad. However, this President has done more in one term that many other presidents.

I don’t want to go into full detail about his accomplishments, but he has repealed Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, making college more affordable for students, ending the War in Iraq, and delivering affordable Health Care. Those are just some of few things that President Obama has done during his Presidency.

This election will be one to remember.  I know that President Obama has a fight ahead of him, and he still has more he wants to do to fix and heal our country. He gives speech, after speech about creating new jobs in America, just to have his plans rejected by the Republican Majority in the House. So I ask you this question. How do we solve the problems we are facing in America? Well I can tell you it’s not electing a new President who wants to repeal, repeal, and repeal all the progress that we have gained over the last three years.

The candidates on the Republican side such as Ron Paul, and Rick Santorum are never going to make it to the general election. However, Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich have a long battle to go for the nomination. I just keep laughing because I fully believe that these two men are the worst thing for the Republican Party to put up against President Obama. We have one man who paved the way for Obama care, you may have heard of it “ROMNEYCARE”, and an old man who every time is criticized by the media has to make a big deal about it. If Romney has to be criticized about creating the way for Obama care, then why can’t you answer questions about your ex-wife Mr. Gingrich?

So all I have to say is this, bring on 2012. President Obama, don’t be ordering the moving truck quite yet, I have a feeling you have another 4 years to heal and change our country for the better.

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